When You Cash In Three Years Of Destiny Coin All At Once

Destiny 2 is just around the corner, which means all that hard work people put into Destiny 1 is about to become irrelevant. So before the world finally switches from the old to the new, one person decided to spend all of their hard earned motes and strange coins. At once.

Why on earth YouTuber Datto had so much currency saved up, I'll never know. But to be precise, this is about the total amount he'd saved up: 4493 strange coints, 4791 motes of light, over 29,000 weapon parts and armor materials combined, over 1600 ascendant energy and shards, almost 900 radiant shards and energy, just under 1400 ether seeds, 86 tokens of glimmer, 7 isenfyre tokens and 735 black wax idols.

So, the question remained: if you spent it all in one hit, how high would your faction level go? The starting level, for reference, is 110.

It took *seven* hours just to spend all the currency, crush all the motes, grind all the guns.

So go on. Have a guess how many faction ranks that would earn. (The answer's hidden after the jump.)

It's 409, if you were wondering.


    What's the answer!?


      It's right below the image at the bottom. With the site's light theme, I guess it'd be basically invisible, but it's bright white text and impossible to miss on the dark theme.

        I see, looks like 519 to me from the video though... ???

          He started at 110, so he gained 409 ranks from this.

          Vastly more interesting was someone (tried to) work out the area one could cover by loading that many heavy ammo synths into RLs and not overlapping blast radii. Factoring in a 3m blast radius and optimal non-overlapping coverage, they would have come out at about 2.3 sq km, had they got their math right... a little underwhelming, tbh, given their original estimate was "Switzerland and then some".

      It's weird on an iPhone it keeps popping on and off

    The spoiler tags were something the dev team cracked together out of nothing for this. We'll look at something more permanent that works across light/dark themes down the road, but I thought it might be fun to have it for this.

      Just some random feedback: On PC it seems to work fine (Opera browser) - Invisible until mouse-over, and then it appears. But, there's nothing to indicate where I should be doing the mouse over

        We had a little indicator in, but it went through the image above and broke a tad so we took it out.

    I have way more currency that on my account! 6926 Strange Coins and 59508 weapon parts just to start.

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