Use This Website To Accurately Time Destiny Public Events

Use This Website To Accurately Time Destiny Public Events
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Need to grind out a few Ascendant Shards? Got that annoying bounty where you have to get Gold Tier in public events? This website is your friend: it lets you accurately track where and when Destiny’s public events will start throughout the game galaxy.

The site tracks Destiny’s public event schedule across the galaxy. Events on Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars are all carefully tracked, timed and sorted by difficulty.

Public events are great for mining Glimmer, as well as rare materials like Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Energy and Strange Coins.

I tried it out over the weekend and it’s accurate almost to the second. Within half an hour bopping about in the Cosmodrome, I was able to chain together about five public events of varying difficulties.

Honestly, public events are some of the most fun you can have in Destiny, and now you can follow your fun around! [Destiny Public Events]


  • If you have an Xbox One. Best thing to do is open up this website in internet explorer on your Xbox One and snap the app while playing Destiny. Works a treat!

  • I love how this site rehashes stuff.

    You guys talked/linked to this site in an article 5 days ago.

  • I use it, but it’s not very accurate. Sometimes I can go 4-5 times in a row with events not showing up, and that’s green (common) events.

    I’ve still yet to see an event happen in the forgotten shore at all.

    • Are you waiting the full 5 minute period? The 5 minute window starts when the timer reaches 0. Once the timer gets to -6 minutes you can move on…

        • Weird. I usually find it wouldnt work if I arrived after the timer had ticked over the 0 minutes. But if I was there before that and waited the 5, the green ones would be pretty common.

        • but yeah I’ve found it can be up to 8 minutes out at times. Also forgotten shores can get that one with the pikes and it not be an actual public event, but count as one on the timer

    • I saw one last night. in the forgotten shore.

      …which I failed at.

      Kill a Fallen Baron or something. Around 10pm EDST.

  • I’ve needed to farm a lot of materials lately (pretty much all the new armour and weapons require bloody helium filaments) so using this tracker for the first time to keep endlessly hunting materials and chests has really kept things interesting.

    Of course, I play alongside my wife who usually stays in one or two areas while I roam so we usually had good coverage as it was. At the very least it makes those “gold rating in public event” bounties fly by.

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