Who’s Ready For Guild Wars 2’s Path Of Fire Expansion?

Who’s Ready For Guild Wars 2’s Path Of Fire Expansion?

Guild Wars 2‘s second expansion, Path of Fire, launches this Saturday, taking players to the Crystal Desert and the Kingdom of Elona to track down a rogue god. Along the way, giant rabbits will be mounted. Who’s excited?

I must admit, this expansion snuck up on me. The initial announcement only happened in early August. Normally I have a lot more time to digest, but here we are, days away from riding amazing creatures through the desert, specialising our character classes, and collecting bounties, all while tracking down Balthazar, the god of fire, war and generally being a manipulative dick.

It’s been a while since I got into Guild Wars 2, but it might be time to return. It sounds a little silly, but the prospect of riding the newly-introduced mounts through the desert gets me all tingly. In the explainer video below, the devs drop the phrase “the joy of movement”. I get that.

More details on the new stuff can be found over at the expansion’s official website. Guild Wars 2‘s Path of Fire expansion goes live on Saturday, September 23 at 2AM AEST. I hope to be riding a rabbit by 5. Who’s with me?

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