Civilization 6 Is Getting Around To Fixing Some Of Its Bigger Problems

It's been almost a year since Civ VI was released, and in that time Firaxis has been trying to address some of the issues fans have had with the enormous and otherwise excellent game. The upcoming Fall Update continues this process.

Coming later in ... the autumn, it's going to flesh out religion by adding some new beliefs and powers, along with a new religious unit called the Warrior Monk. Oh, and units on the map will now also show which religion they are alongside which nationality, which will be handy.

There will also be more long-needed improvements made to UI, like cutting out some of the less useful "gossip" messages. Firaxis will be "including an update to the Diplomacy screens to ensure all information is clear and easy to find.

Beyond this, the Great People art has been updated to feel more "great" and make this screen easier to navigate; Capital icons now show on city banners in the Espionage Mission selection menu, and many smaller changes have been made to the menus to make screens more moddable and extensible."

The most important change, though, will be to the AI's handling of its navies, and in particular naval invasions. "The oceans are safe no longer, as the AI players have increased their building of naval units, as well as fleets and armadas", Firaxis claim.

"Additionally, they are better at healing and protecting their naval units. Brace for coastal assaults!"

The AI's inability to use the ocean for much of anything has wrecked my chances of enjoying my favourite map style (islands), so if Firaxis can get things working with this update, that will be a good time.

Oh, and aside from the tweaks and additions to the overall game, there will also be two new Civs added, one of which is geared around the naval improvements.


    otherwise excellent game.

    So... you're saying this game is excellent, except for the things that are wrong with it?

    If we use that logic then every game is a contender for GotY.

      Common sense?

      In other words...

      "This is an excellent game. "

      "The few issues that are wrong with it don't detract from this fact, however there are issues."

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