Player Beats Mario Odyssey In Under 90 Minutes For An Early World Record

Player Beats Mario Odyssey In Under 90 Minutes For An Early World Record

Speedruns have officially started being accepted for Super Mario Odyssey, and fans are now in a mad dash to figure out the best strategies, pathways and jumps to beat the game quickly. In the last two days alone, the world record for clearing the game at any percentage of completion has been toppled multiple times by different people.

The most current record, as of this writing, was earned by IMtendo – he beat the game in 1:28:45 with 124 Moons, and you can watch that run below. Start the Twitch embed around the 1:47:22 mark to see it:

By the time you read this, it’s entirely possible another speedrunner has come along and attained a new record. This run, while obviously accomplished by a very good Mario player, features multiple deaths, some missed jumps, and out-of-the-way Moons. Still, it’s an early look at what is sure to be a lively speedrunning scene.

Unsurprisingly, IMtendo proceeds with the bare minimum number of Moons necessary to power the Odyssey into the next section, often opting for some of the simplest ones available, all in the name of speed. He does collect some coins – at least one Moon in this run is purchased – and skips all the cutscenes he can to accomplish this current world record time. While many of us mere mortals could never beat the game this quickly, IMtendo notes there’s plenty of room for improvement.

“This is bad,” IMtendo says, in reference to his run. Later on, he speculates that it’s possible players will be able to shave down the time to under an hour once a better route is figured out.

He also notes that 100% Mario speedruns are bound to be wild, and it makes sense: There are so many Moons, some of which can only be purchased, never mind the different outfits and regional coins. How the community decides what that category will look like is bound to be interesting. Otherwise, the other big speedrunning categories are 253 Moons (finishing Dark Side) and 503 Moons (beating the real final level).

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