Player Collects Every Super Mario Odyssey Moon In A Single Sitting

Player Collects Every Super Mario Odyssey Moon In A Single Sitting

It took Okikurume just over 17 hours to collect every moon in the latest Mario game. He completed this feat of focus and determination late yesterday and is now the world record holder for doing so.

Lots of players have been racing one another to try and beat Super Mario Odyssey as quickly as possible. Since the game came out a couple weeks ago, world records have gone back and forth as everyone improves and finds new glitches and tricks for finishing the game even faster.

Australian speedrunner Okikurume took a different approach. While most of the game’s speedrunners have been competing in the Any% category, he decided to take a crack at the 100%.

This might sound straightforward enough but the rules for what counts as a 100% run through of the game are very specific. Okikurume had to collect every moon in the game, yes, but he also had to get a bunch of other stuff as well.

Collecting every hat, for instance, as well as every costume and souvenir.

You can do all of that and the run still won’t fulfil the requirements of the 100% category unless you’ve also captured all 52 enemy types and filled out the entire music list which includes 82 different songs. It was that laundry list in addition to getting the game’s 999 moons that kept Okikurume playing for 17:20:49 straight.

Unlike Any% runs where speed is the most important thing, the goal of the 100% run makes thoroughness and stamina just as, if not more, important. Speedrunners in the former category have found ways to skip levels and bosses, but that wasn’t an option for Okikurume.

Instead, while they have perfected special jumps and tricks Cappy-specific maneuvers, he’s been busying grinding for coins. There are moons in Mario Odyssey that can’t be found, only purchased. That means players who want to collect them all will need to have accrued some serious coin as well.

Okikurume did this by running a special bonus level near the end that’s full of coins. He did this again and again. In fact, several hours of his run consists only of speeding through that mini-stage. At one point during the stream he simply lays in bed answering questions from viewers in the Twitch chat while trying not to let his eyes get too droopy.


The most surreal part of the marathon run came at the end though. Part of fulfilling all of the above requirements means Okikurume to perform one last particular requirement as well: throwing Mario’s hat 5,000 times. He’d somehow managed to collect just about everything there is to collect in the game and still not throw Cappy that many times.

That’s why at the very end of the world record stream you’ll see Mario convulsing as the Mushroom Kingdom hero chuck’s his haunted-headware at a wall. Once he had finished that weird bit of business, he was able to collect the final moon and speed along to the game’s secret ending.

How Okikurume was still awake and able to function after all of that is beyond me, especially considering how recently he’d practiced for it with another almost day-long Mario Odyssey session.


  • I don’t know how you’d call this a ‘feat of focus and determination’.

    It’s fucking stupid. Grown man plays video games for 17 hrs straight. Idiots give him kudos.

    Seriously this isn’t gaming. This is stupid shit that damages your health. I’d really like it if Kotaku would stop trying to glamorise this kind of thing. Literally yesterday you posted an article of a pro player who died. At 30. If people keep hitting these marathon gaming sessions we’re going to see a LOT more of this in the next decade.

    This kind of behaviour is completely stupid and should be looked down upon and pitied. Not described as a ‘feat of focus and determination’. That’s just ridiculous. It’s like saying “She drank 2 bottles of scotch last night in a feat of focus and determination’.

    • I agree completely. Can’t understand how anyone can be so motivated towards a feat which is ultimately pointless.

      • I don’t care about this guy’s ‘feat’ at all, but arguing about it being pointless purely because it has no value to YOU is asinine.

        Chances are there’s something, many things perhaps, that you enjoy in life that a great many people would see as being ‘ultimately pointless’.

    • Most instances of death that have occurred whilst playing video games involve multiple consecutive days of non-stop playing. This guy’s playthrough was 17 hours. Whilst still nothing to sneeze at, it does not come close to the 40+hours to 2 weeks long sessions that have caused death. 17 hours would be like waking up at 7am, strating the game, then finishing at midnight. Hack, a few days ago I basically did the same thing playing ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ from 10am-midnight.

  • Woah why the hate. Let the guy do what he wants. It’s game realted and i enjoyed reading about it. What’s wrong with people. Running a marathon is bad for your health but people are not calling people who do it stupid.

    How is 17 hours gaming worse than a long haul flight?

    • Nah, gone are the days of letting people do things they enjoy.

      Nowadays we are very much in the “If it has no value to me, it’s stupid and shouldn’t be allowed!” realm of things.

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