Playing Destiny 2 Without Reading The Lore Vs Reading It 

Playing Destiny 2 Without Reading The Lore Vs Reading It 
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Destiny’s lore, famously, is housed in things like gun descriptions and collectibles. How does this affect the way we interact with and understand the game?

In my case, I accidentally ended up joining a faction that is basically space Trump. Whoops. In the latest episode of the Favecast, Gita Jackson and I discuss what it’s like to play Destiny 2 without reading any of the lore, versus devouring it to answer one important question: does Cayde fuck or nah?

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  • basically space Trump

    Why did you say this? What the hell does this mean? How can a group of people be labeled as similar to a person?

    • Maybe it’s about the card game? They go around saying “You’re such a card” and your armour suit determines how powerful you are in the group?

    • Out of all the things to complain about, I’m more annoyed at the way that all of these “Fave this” articles sounds as though the article is going to contain some interesting content, but it’s buried somewhere within a meandering 45 minute to 1 hour podcast.

      “Fave This” articles should be labelled as such. I come here to read articles that have been proofread and edited, not a conversational podcast.

  • Most of the time i prefer to go into a game without knowing the lore so i can discover the story myself as i find knowing the lore can sometimes cause me to over analyze the story in the game.

    Ill only ever look up the lore if something in the story confuses me or needs clarification (Hello there Metal Gear Solid my old friend)

  • I did a lore catch up before the sequel and it made my impression of the world worse not better. So much faff.

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