Storm's Coming Back To Marvel For An All-New Solo Series With A Fantastic Team Behind It

One of the most fantastic things to come out of Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent runs on Marvel's Black Panther titles such as The Crew has been seeing Ororo Munroe getting back to her roots in Harlem and beyond. Coates' distinct voice for the weather-manipulating mutant is about to get a much larger microphone with the launch of an all-new Storm solo series set to be illustrated by Jen Bartel.

Image: Jen Bartel

Coates alluded to an upcoming collaboration with Bartel over the weekend at New York Comic Con by tweeting out a picture of one of the artist's Storm illustrations. While speaking to a reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Coates confirmed the project, and Bartel seemingly gave the seal of approval with a tweet of her own.

It's been three years since fans tried to convince Marvel not to cancel Storm's last series, which was plagued by flagging sales despite the character being one of Marvel's most iconic. Since then, Storm's spent time leading the X-Men as they faced extinction once again, briefly became a member of Secret Wars' team of Thors, and went undercover to expose Hydra's plans for gentrification in New York's historically black neighbourhoods.

We'll update with more plot details for Coates and Bartel's new Storm series once Marvel itself announces the news, but it's safe to assume that we can expect some truly amazing things.


    Can someone explain how a character born and raised in Africa gets back to their roots in Harlem?

    It will be cancelled after two issues just like his Black Panther & The Crew comic.

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