The Last Of Us Part 2 Gets A Brutal New Trailer

Today, Sony showcased The Last of Us Part 2, the second installation of developer Naughty Dog's gritty survival horror game released in 2013, with a trailer that is very thrilling but almost made me hurl. Seriously - a woman in a noose props herself up on another woman who gets a hatchet buried in her head.

The Last of Us Part II

Here's the trailer:

It's pretty hard to watch, but hey, we were warned by game director Neil Druckmann that The last of Us Part 2 will be a game about "hate", in stark contrast to Part 1, which, he said, was about love.

After a second interview-slash-trailer came out an hour after this one, its looking more like the main character in the trailer is not The Last of Us protagonist Ellie, grown up and muscular, but another character. Still, no release date has been announced.


    I'm finding it very difficult to get excited about this.

    Probably something to do with not finishing the last Uncharted game.

    Just got over it I guess.

      Also they're very different games. TLOU was a hard play due to its subject matter so if this is more of the same, but amped? It's going to be really full on, and maybe not in a good way.

      I feel the same. I loved TLOU more than any other game in years but I feel that the story has been told. I don't see why that world needs to be revisited. But time will tell.

        I think, with these characters who we're seeing for the first time, it's difficult for a 5-minute trailer to foster the emotional weight that made the first TLOU so wonderful, despite its brutality. As a result people may find this teaser to be nothing but gratuitous violence with zero context.

        I am remaining optimistic that whatever story they craft for Part 2 will be just as emotionally engaging as the first.

          It's funny you say that because I was wondering that exact thing when I was watching it. Why are they introducing new characters when we're all invested in the old ones?

          It really was a 5min random video of really nasty violence and for me, fighting humans was the least enjoyable part of TLOU. I thought there needed to be more infected. Many more infected. That was always fun.

          It's cool that you're optimistic though. I'm not pessimistic, i'm just going to wait and see. Hoping for the best but I must say, I got quite depressed playing the original. It just seemed like such a hopeless existence. Amazing story though.

    Unless they make part where you play about fun this time I'll be passing.

      Here's a suggestion, if you want fun go play the other 99.9% of games where fun is the only driver. Let us people who want something a bit more complex enjoy the rare gem.

    Looks great and the animation was amazing. Didnt find it hard to watch at all. Blame that on the early years of the internet and things like Kazaa and Ogrish...

    Grisly. So, very TLOU.

    If these three characters are supporting cast, I'd try not to get too attached. :p

    Last edited 31/10/17 10:09 am

    To echo what someone else said in the comments section of the original video; this 5 mins is better than a whole season of The Walking Dead!

    hrm. Not sure I like this.

    Whilst i'll undoubtedly play the new TLOU, this scene on its own, with no context, doesn't work outside of just very unpleasant shock value. As a piece of marketing it doesn't work, as a piece of filmmaking it doesn't work (who are these people and why should I care??), and as a piece of game it doesn't work.

    Bit iffy overall on this, no doubt in context this scene works well but using it in this fashion was a bad misstep I think. Doesn't actually make me want to get the game and was just straight out upsetting to watch.

      I absolutely agree.

      TLOU is one of my favourite games I've ever played, and I am still very excited for part 2. But this trailer is seriously messed up. I was literally cringing and asking myself wtf am I actually watching.

      Hopefully it's just a bit of tunnel vision from whichever group at ND decided to showcase this part of the game. I'm wanting to play more of TLOU, not Snuff Film Simulator 2018.

    Was TLOU really a survival horror? I mean, I guess it was in a sense, but I didn't really see it that way.

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