What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Image: Shadow of Mordor/Xanvast

It's looking like a bit of a wet, gloomy weekend. Which is perfect for staying inside and video games, of course.

Playing Shadow of War recently has made me want to go back through Shadow of Mordor, a game I never fully finished. I tended to play Shadow of Mordor mostly for stress relief: run around, slice some orcs, get into a fight I couldn't handle, die, and then do something else.

I'm still going to be doing that, obviously, but I'll try and complete more of the story missions this time.

Other games on my roster for the weekend: Jackbox Party Pack 4. It's out on consoles and the Switch, the latter of which I've just bought it on. It's annoying that your purchases on one platform don't carry over, but having the fourth pack on the go should make for some fun times.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I expect I'll be playing Arma as usual, probably trying to fit in some Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice somewhere (which is magnificent even if it's controls are unforgivably locked. Why give me the option to rebind movement keys but not let me use the BLOODY ARROWS????)

    I've been back into Diablo III lately. Necromancer is kind of fun when you explode corpses everywhere and rack up huge massacre bonuses.

    Either that, or The Division, which I've also been back into, although stiill asking $60 for the expansion pass is going to kill it for me when I reach the level cap. Oh well, it'll be fun to get there.

    All this is, of course, just anticipation for Destiny 2 next week.

    Shadow of War and Divinity Original Sin 2, most likely. Maybe some Skyrim SE since I decided to start a new playthrough recently.

    Stardew Valley, probably.

    Almost kinda but not really tempted to pick up Fire Emblem Warriors.

    Just waiting for Mario, really.

    Want to just sleep for a week.

    Dishonored DE. Getting into the thick of it now. Great game so far!

    Next weekend is going to be hectic! Thor, Stranger Things, Mario, Destiny 2, Wolvenstein...

    I need to be outside this weekend as much as possible.

    On a Miku bender at the moment, so Project Diva f 2nd, Project Diva X and Future Tone are all likely candidates.

    Also into the tale end of the 2020 season in my Dallas Cowboys franchise in Madden 18. The play-offs and the Super Bowl await!

    Last weekend I got up to the aqueduct area in Amnesia, but I've completely exhausted my lantern fuel. Excited to find out if I can keep going or if I've put myself in an unwinnable situation.

    Bit of Stardew, probably several rounds of Salmon Run, it's not old yet. I think Mario is going to be for Xmas so I'm going to be missing out on that one for awhile. Probably should jump back into Mario+Rabbids but every time I sit down, another game is calling stronger.

    Will finish off Uncharted :TLL. What a gorgeous looking game in 4k/HDR. If time and the mood permits, will kick off Outlast II...finally built up the courage to even download it!

    I've only recently gotten back into proper gaming with a purchase of an XBox One S with Shadow of War so that's what I'll be playing through the weekend. I can see several hours of my life gone right there. I'll also be playing some Destiny and Rise of the Tomb Raider to spice things up a bit.

    Bloodbourne and splatoon 2

      Ditto on the Bloodborne, still trying to take down the final boss

        I'm just trying to get to the third check point.

      Bloodborne..... what an incredible piece of art that game is.

    Stardew Valley will be the most likely candidate if i finish all my chores and the baby let's me sleep. I bought it thinking it'd be the perfect when i had a spare three minutes but those days feel like they go on forever...

    I'm going to try get a bit further in Yakuza Kiwami, I'm only about 5 hours in so far. Other than that, will probably play a few short bursts of fifa and splatoon on the switch. I have south park to play as well, but may throw that onto the backlog pile for the time being

    I recently wrapped SOM. Picked it up cheap and hadn't gotten trophies on PS4. Still a few to mop up, but I began Shadow of War last night. Iggy, and it certainly is a sequel. Lots of extras. Maybe not the same "punch", but still a lot of fun :)

    South Park, methinks, maybe some more Minecraft. Shadow of War is reminding me why I never finished SoM - the only thing holding up the game is the nemesis system, and that gets old when there's only 2-3 ways to interact with it.

    Would love to get a group together and try to run Destiny 2's prestige raid, but doubt that'll happen.

    Firing up the mini SNES, never played any SNES games in my life. Open to suggestions as to what I should play first :)

      Super Mario world, yoshi's island. It will completely ruin all the other games because it is still amazing

      I'm in the same boat as you, and while I bounced around a bit Super Metroid really drew me in. Depends what kinda games you like though :)

    I'll be jumping between Shadow of War, WWE 2K18, Elex and Brutal Legend. Fun weekend for me!

    Think we've got a D2 raid group (normal not prestige...) for Saturday, so there's that.

    Some friends and I are playing through Borderlands 2 so there'll be that. I'm also currently deciding whether I want to play the Jak and Daxter or Dragon's Trap remaster.

    More Fortnite Battle Royale enjoying it more than I thought I would while I wait for PubG. Maybe some more Conan Exiles.

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