What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Weekends are a great time to be gaming. And even though I've got some prior commitments that will chew up a good portion of my weekend, I'll also be setting some time aside for this.

The above picture, of course, is from what was previously known as Project Scorpio - the Xbox One X. I'll be spending some time fiddling around with the UI, and just living with it generally ahead of its launch on Tuesday.

I can't really say much more about the console until then. That aside, I've been continuing a playthrough of Shadow of Mordor on PC. It's been fun just getting myself into messy situations, then shadow striking the hell out of there.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Picked up Mass Effect Andromeda for $27 on sale so made up my Custom Ryder this morning.

    Still going on Madden 18 but after winning 6 Super Bowls on the trot, I think I'm ready to give it a rest.

    Final Fantasy Tactics - still grinding away on Vita.

      I get to the end of the prologue of that game and decide my custom Ryder looks shit due to the abhorrent customisation options and quit.... I just look at it and say... nope can’t do it.

        Mine looks... hot! Kind of accidental on my part, but damn, she's fine!

    Prey. It's great. Still not gaming a lot, maybe an hr a day in 2 or 3 sessions but really enjoying it. System Shock 2 all over again. In a very good way :)

    Friends and I are doing the climb to 72 in Borderlands 2. Outside of that I'll be checking out Mario Odyssey and playing some SMT IV: Apocalypse.

    Shadow of War.

    Did most of the collecting/dismantling fortresses early on. Now mopping up story missions and generally sand-boxing shit up. Picking fights. Summoning Graugs. Recruiting random orcs, only to have them save me in a brutal boss fight down the track.

    Damn good game.

    Have yet to even install the new Ass Creed.

    Mario, mario, mario.

    We're having people over on Saturday, so will probably crack open a Jackbox Party Pack too, or perhaps give the Playstation clone a try.

    Shadowverse, Monster hunter stories demo, splatoon 2

    prob just Destiny 2 with the guild

    got Blizzcon and (LoL) World's final to watch so weekend is pretty packed

      Is BlizzCon this weekend? Also watching worlds and playing some Mario but I completely forgot BlizzCon 0_0

        reply got eaten by moderation lol

        it starts on Saturday 5am AEST

        so you can either not sleep, wake up early or watch VoDs (assuming you've bought the virtual ticket off course)

    Got an alpha key for a game called BattleBit, so I'll be trying to play that. Will also be streaming DOOM(2016) trying to get through on the second hardest difficulty.

    probably pubg tonight with friends from work.
    and after seeing Hand Of Fate 2 play footage, it makes me want to jump back in to the first one and finish it off. maybe some overwatch depending on how late tonights pubg session goes.

    Mario Odyssey.. have to get... those... mooooooons!

    Destiny 2 on PC. Managed to take some people through the raid last night so I'm going to level up 2 more characters so we can make raiding better for more people and get multiple clan groups happening per night so everyone has a good time

    It's a non gaming weekend for me this weekend. First time in years, but going to Sydney so it should be fun. I should take my Switch in case I get a chance. Maybe pickup Mario this afternoon. I've been meaning to pick it up.

    The plan: get through the other 15 hours of TEW2. The goal: be ready to start Wolfenstein 2 on Monday. The inevitable: 6-8 hours of Warframe and Season 2 of Stranger Things. Setting myself 120 hours of gaming to be complete before D2's first expansion may have been a little ambitious...

    Four day weekend woohoo!!!

    Will be playing Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein 2 mainly. Maybe some Elex as well.

    I think I have the gaming equivalent of ADD, I get 50% through a game before wanting to try something new.

    That said, I managed to get through main story of Dishonored (I might need to stick with shorter games like this) so now starting on the DLC. I completed the main story in low chaos, I'm thinking of going high chaos for DLC.

    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Co-op with my buddy and a Super Mario Kart session on the mini SNES with the missus.

    Spending Sat night at the xbox play and stay. Im never taking my xbox one x onesie off.

    COD WW2 on PC. I am really hoping its good.

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    Trying to knock over Horizon Zero Dawn before the DLC drops.

    I'm giving my wife a day off from our two kids on Sunday and running a D&D game tonight...so I don't like my chances

    Working through the backlog. I finished hellblade and now I am finally playing Nier.

    Also playing Daganronpa v3 on my vita. It's goood

    I'm playing with my printer (when windows decides to stop updating anyway)!! Also some ELEX.

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