When TIE Fighters Are Imagined By Car Designers

Jason Battersby is a designer at Audi, but in his spare time he dabbles in concept art as well. So enjoy this TIE Fighter design, and think of it as a collaboration between the Galactic Empire and a German car manufacturer.

He calls it the Tie-X, and has even given it a little backstory:

Out of the shadows comes the Tie-X, Vader's secret advanced Tie-Fighter project. Only a handful escaped the Death Star before it's untimely demise. These advanced Tie-Fighters were built to be the most agile in the Empire, carrying out secret missions for Vader across the galaxy.

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You can see more of Jason's work at his ArtStation page.


    That's bad ass. I'd flip the wings so the pointy end is facing forward, would give it a silhouette like a star destroyer.

      .... But there like that for slipstream reasons... You would literally slow its speed by doing that.

        Slipstream? You do realise there's no air, hence no air resistance in space.

        Yeah, and we can't have slow tie-fighters while we're firing lasers at space bears and wizards with energy swords.

    The Tie X-wing. ok. :) The Empire and rebellion join forces then.

    Pretty cool. Maybe they can hire the guy for the next jump into the future trilogy. Where some how the empire still exists.

    The fighters are like the worst design ever. See on modern air craft the cockpits are huge to let you see as much if your surroundings as possible and we all know how lack of vision goes in the original trilogy.

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