Where You Can Find Us At PAX Australia!

Where You Can Find Us At PAX Australia!
Image: Kotaku

Hey all! It’s PAX Australia time again. We’re going to be on the show floor, and if you’d like to come see us here’s a handy guide to the panels we’re on.

We’ll have plenty of representation from Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker at PAX this weekend, with myself, Hayley, Amanda, Tegan and Logan all taking part. Rae from Gizmodo will also be hosting a couple of panels today and tomorrow, and Jackson from Lifehacker will be roaming the floor as well.

If you see us, be nice and say hi! But if you just want to know what we’re up to, here’s a quick guide to the panels we’ll be on:

Where You Can Find Us At PAX Australia!

See you at PAX!


  • Hey Alex, did you find someone of worthy successes to pass along and be thoroughly enjoy my three day PAX Australia pass?

    • I did! And even caught up with them briefly on the Saturday night! (Sorry for the delayed response; wasn’t on the site much over the weekend.)

      Thank you very kindly for passing your pass on, again.

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