Win A Jigsaw Prize Pack By Being The Best Hypothetical Murderer (Please Don’t Kill People)

Win A Jigsaw Prize Pack By Being The Best Hypothetical Murderer (Please Don’t Kill People)
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I want to play a game.

Halloween is nearly here, and so is the latest film in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw. To celebrate, we’re giving away a Jigsaw prize pack. All you have to do is be the best HYPOTHETICAL psychopath.

John Kramer is renowned for his signature brand of twisted scenarios, and now it’s your turn to play. All you need to do is to design your own death trap — without it being overly gross, offensive or disturbing. Let’s keen it fun, people! Feel free to even throw some humour into the mix.

The winner will receive a Strike Escape Room experience and JIGSAW movie tickets for the winner and five friends

To be eligible you’ll need to leave a comment below to tell us what your death trap is AND how it works. Wanna go the extra mile? Feel free to leave a link to a drawn design — this isn’t mandatory though.

The competition is restricted to Australian residents only and make sure you use a valid email address in your Kotaku profile so we can contact you if you win.

The competition is limited to one entry per person and one prize per winner. You can read the rest of the terms and conditions here.

The competition will end on October 30th 2017 at 9am and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and may the best death trap win

Jigsaw creeps into cinemas nationally November 2 with special Halloween advance screenings October 31.


    • @wisehacker

      I’ve altered the rules slightly so you can just describe the trap, to make it a bit easier. I’m allowing this entry!

  • Can’t think of an entry right now, but I’d love to see a Saw film where all of the death traps are taken from the cliff-hanger endings from episodes of the Batman 1966 series.

  • Two victims wake up in an an-echoic chamber. Both have devices surgically attached to their rib cages. The devices are hooked up to a sound level meter. Whichever individual screams/sings/shouts the loudest rips apart the other faster, if neither participate, they are both ripped apart in exactly 45 minutes. So as victim A is making noise, Victim B’s device is active and hooked onto Victim B’s ribcage, the louder the noise, the faster the device works to pull the ribcage apart, killing Victim B.

    • How would there be a survivor any way?

      Even if A is making the noice, B will eventually give in to the pain and start screaming, thus causing the device in A to trigger.

        • Not often that one deliberately and suddenly stops making noise when they suddenly experience extreme pain. I’m with Wisehacker on this, given that it’s based on volume and the intense pain both victims would feel as well as the complete lack of any reason for either to shut up it seems like both would rapidly get to a point where they could only die from their wounds without understanding why.

      • I agree. But we weren’t specified on wether it’s one of detective Hoffman’s rigged traps so In a way it’s a good idea? Kind of…

  • Place the victims into small chambers that has a bed and a toilet only, they remain in the chambers for 10 days and the winner is let free, they will receive minimal food to ensure low energy but you promise them cake. In the 10 days, they undergo The Sims like torture, from surviving an entire day in 20m deep pools, to an indoor fire started by a stove. If there are still remaining survivors at the end of the 10 day trial, you repeat it until only one remains. That one survivor then has to create 10 more challenges for more victims and receives chocolate cake with a single pink candle in the middle.

  • I call it the clown room. The victim wakes up in a small room and there is a clown in the corner. The clown is obnoxious and armed with props. The victim has a knife. There is circus music playing nonstop on the background.

    The victim wins if they haven’t killed the clown or themselves after 6 hours.

  • I want to play a game.

    Player 1 enters a room and is greeted with a choice of three doors.

    One door leads to a room where the player must sit down and play E.T.

    Another door leads to a room where the player must stand and play Superman 64.

    A remaining door leads to a room where the player must for-go tears and play Mighty No. 9.

    Choose your fate, player.

  • You wake up in a locked room that is filled up with oil, that goes to just below your neck. There are a hundred jars chained to the floor and in one of those jars is the key to the door that will allow you to escape. So you need to dive down into the oil and open as many jars as you can, hoping to find the key. Every 5 minutes the temperature of the oil increases. The jars are super hard to open, being that they are submerged in oil and that you are also covered in oil. If you do not find the key in an hour, the temperature of the oil will be unbearable and cook you alive. “Hey, Good Lookin'” by Hank Williams, blasts throughout the room as you attempt to escape.

  • This game is simple (the best ones are!) but you’ll notice a little inspiration from a few traps in the franchise. Its name is “Tug of Gore” and this is how it works. There are two people in adjacent rooms chained by their necks to each other- however a wall lies between them, which has one circular saw-blade within it. Sharing the chain, one must win by pulling the other up into the blade. The diagram in the link will hopefully clear any ambiguity!

  • You put someone in a room. It’s a nice room, all things considered. Comfy bed, big TV, lots of movies, a delightful bathroom ensuite, etc.

    There’s a note on a table. You explain to them in the note that everything that’s there is there’s. The clothes, food, and entertainment will be periodically updated so they can live forever and never need to leave. If they want to, though, they can do so anytime. They’re not locked in.

    At any time they can choose to face the real world. Face the horrors of the life they’ve lived, face a world with growing inequality in all respects of life. A world where they are burdened by their past mistakes and hope seems fruitless.

    Or they can sit down and watch the latest series of Outlander with a big tub of ice cream while wearing their favourite pyjamas.

  • I’m just here to say the psychopath being a murder thing is kinda stereotyping. Yes the majority of murders are psychopathic but the majority of psychopaths are not murders.

  • I want to play a game…

    You wake up in a bare grey room. Your right leg is attached to a guillotine like device. A similar device is attached to your neck, you feel a button in your right hand. (the leg device controller) A tape starts explaining how you ran over a kid and ripped his leg apart, you drove off because alcohol and the kid bled out scared and alone…he was 11. Your legs device behaves very similarly to a guillotine however, you have to hold the button down as a sawtoothed blade slices through your leg, every time you let go of the button the device stops. You have 1 minute to remove your leg.

    (it’d take 20ish seconds to achieve, after 1 minute the neck device starts up and very slowly begins cutting your head off around collar bone height on the neck)

    Upon the leg device reaching the bottom of your leg, having fully cut through, the neck device will detach and you’ll attend to your leg by cauterising the wound (I’d say boiler but that’s way to common in saw so maybe a portable hotplate with a note saying ‘Finish your redemption’ or something like that)

    • The guillotine device is a sawing action not a straight drop…felt obvious to me but felt it needed mentioning.

  • The lock to the room perfectly matches the jaw of one of the people locked in the room. Now they will need to remove the jaw of that individual and use it in the lock mechanism to escape.

  • Ok!
    So, I would lock someone onto a treadmill with the key to the locks dangling above them on a suspension wire. The key would gradually lower the farther the person has run / walk.
    I would also have Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” playing on repeat over a loudspeaker in the room.

    The implication here is that you need to walk or run 1000 miles for the key to fully lower.

    To make it winnable however (since it takes approximately 300-ish hours to walk 1000 miles), I’d have the key lower if you press “stop” on the treadmill, since I really don’t wanna kill anybody.

    • Trust me, you better use a steel door and granite walls as whoever you lock in there will most likely break down the door and come cashing after you with the same laud speaker.


  • The victim is locked in a room and starved for days, being given just enough to stay alive. After 7 days they are blindfolded and taken outside when they can smell a BBQ.
    They are told that in order to end their starvation all they have to do is ask to eat the BBQ. The blindfold is removed and they can see that the meat on the BBQ is their family. They have to agree to eat their dead family members in order to be allowed to live.

  • Earth itself is already a death trap, made all the worst by people. What better than to blow up the moon to trap them there for a significant amount of time, as well as occasional meteors coming down. And the mass extinction. I’ll call it… Gz’s Cage.

  • There are three lifts .
    One of them safely takes you down.
    One is faulty and goes rapidly down then straight up and to crush its victim.
    One is faulty and the doors open while moving and the person has a chance to escape and risk being critically injured or crushed.

    You have only one choice.

  • THE SWITCH: A group heads out for a night on the town, hitting up the night-clubs and a few strip-bars. Later that evening they return home all laughing and feeling Mary. They make their way inside. The moment the light switch is turned on, the room erupts into a fireball setting them all alight…”While they were out, tiny holes were drilled through the ends of the light-globes and petrol injected into the bulb filament area, so the moment the light switch is turned on, the filament shorting out causes the petrol to ignite into a fireball.” I dare you to turn the lights on!!

  • Want to play a game?

    You wake up in a room strapped to a chair, your arms are free but metal bindings tie your whole body down. Air conditioning spits through a rusty grate on the upper wall and the bathroom tile floor is gungy. You notice a trap door like line ground into the floor around where you sit. A voice begins to gurgle through the loud speaker in a high pitched, crackly voice.

    The voice instructs you in a reeking and hysterically manner over the speaker that you must
    play a Game… Next to you, you notice a Nintendo Switch with bloody hand and finger stains on. Playing on the screen is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It seems normal but the intro song that is crackling through the Switch speakers pitch, timing and melody is warped horribly into a twisted cacophony of sounds. The hideous voice from the speaker then goes on to tell you that you must play Rainbow Road – Snes (Aka Rainbow Rizzle) on 200cc with Golden Mushroom on loop (auto clicks boost, infinite timer). If you fall off the track a trap door opens beneath you with Mortal Kombat like spikes. To your horror, there is no Pro Controller and the creeky joycon attached to the Switch is all you have.

    The voice goes on to tell you that if you win, not only do you live but on the bright side you get to keep the Nintendo Switch (which in the killers mind does more than justify his actions). An old rusty camera turns over to you and the voice hisses… Want to play a game…

  • I got drunk.

    You’re in a room. Shoot some three pointers, kick a goal, etc. I don’t know.

    And mix something about other people and yourself into the mix to make it dramatic or something. Something about being a better person.

  • This only really works for someone who has spent their whole life taking from society, be it someone who embezzled money from charity, a life of constant theft or just someone who’s leeched off others for their entire life. They’re locked in a room with an electric guillotine and what looks like a set of scales. Informed that they need to make up for the life of taking by giving something of equal value but if they put something on the scales that does not equal or outweigh the life they’ve led, that sacrifice is destroyed. If they provide a sufficient sacrifice, they are free to go but after 20 minutes, the door lock will power down and they will be left in the room to die.

    The main concept of the trap is that they would need to chop of parts of their body and present it to the scales (Which are set to 20% of the persons body weight aka roughly the weight of an arm and a leg) But if they provide something that does not meet the weight requirement, that body part it tossed into a furnace or something and is lost.

  • I want you to watch me play a game.

    (Angelic PS4 start up tune)

    You may recognise this screen. It’s yours.

    Hmmmm… Let me choose a game quickly cause this theme disgusts me. Ah! Destiny… How fitting. Since ours have combined to find ourselves here.

    Ugh. This is taking too long to load. Delete. Keep save files? No thank you.

    What else do you have? Ugh… This is truly a pile of shame – completed or not. It doesn’t matter, all your save files are going the way of your Destiny.

    What do we have next? Ahh! The Witcher. Fitting again. WHICH option shall you choose to end this torture? To your left – a gun with a single bullet. To your right – a ball of my own Christmas lights that need to be untangled before the festive season. I’ve given you 2 options to end my, um – YOUR suffering. Oooooo – it looks like I’m not the only one with a “Dark Soul” here…


  • I call it the “Happy Box”.

    The victim wakes up in a dark, empty cell made of solid metal walls and roof, with a relatively comfortable carpet flooring. Any possessions (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) they had on them are missing, as are their socks and shoes. The only visible feature is a thin outline of a door, which is sealed shut. There is enough room to take 3 large steps before hitting a wall; enough room to stretch out fully while laying down on the ground. A speaker is set into the roof of the cell, and through it “Sunshine Day” by The Bradee Bunch plays on endless repeat, with a delay of 3 seconds between ending and restarting. It plays loud enough to almost drown out any screaming, the metal walls adding a slight echo to the tune.

    The victim remains in their cell for 72 hours (3 days); long enough for the happiness to sink in. At this point, the music stops and the door opens to reveal a low-lit room, with Legos scattered across its wooden floor (because everyone loves Legos!). The room is 40 square feet in size. A large covered drain sits in the corner, with a tap that has flowing, drinkable water. A door is sealed at the end of the room, next to a sign displaying the rules:

    “A majority of the Legos in the room are permanently fixed to the floor; the sole exception is a single brick that, while looking identical to the rest, is actually sitting on a hidden button. In order to activate the button, you will need to stomp the brick down. You can re-enter the Happy Cell at any time, however if you spend more than 20 minutes in there the door will close automatically, and you will remain in there for another 24 hours.”

    After stomping countless Lego blocks with their bare feet, the victim will eventually find the button. As soon as it is pressed, a small opening, not even large enough to fit a hand, opens in the roof, dead center of the room. A microphone drops, attached to a long cable, with a page of paper attached. The microphone has a button on its side, and an LED light. The paper reads “Sing the song, don’t get it wrong. Press the button and sing for me, Get the words right if you want to go free.”

    Let’s hope the victim hasn’t torn their vocal in the cell, because now they must press a button on the side of the microphone, then when it lights up yellow they must sing “Sunshine Day”, word for word, into the microphone. The mic is attached to a computer, which receives the audio and uses voice recognition to compare the victim’s singing to the original song and lyrics. The victim can return to the “Joy Cell” at any time to re-listen to the song (for 24 hours…). If the victim gets any of the lyrics wrong, the light turns red, indicating they need to try again. If they successfully sing the entire song correctly, the mic light will turn green, and an audible *click* will come from the door. The victim free to leave the Happy Box, transformed into a h̢͚̓a̺̅ͨ͂ͤpp̮̊ͪͨi̧̙ͭ̏e̅͠r̷̲ͫ member of society.

    Of course, alternatively they may suffer a slow death from sleep-deprivation and starvation. Let the games begin!

    (Notes: Alternative song would be Tiny Tim’s “Living In The Sunlight”.)

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