Bungie Details Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris's 'Infinite Forest' And 'Raid Lair'

Today on a livestream, Bungie showed off footage and discussed some details surrounding Destiny 2's next DLC, Curse of Osiris, which comes out December 5. Curse of Osiris will include "new raid content" and a new area called the Infinite Forest.

The Infinite Forest is actually a simulation created by the Vex. Referred to by the Bungie creative team as a "reality engine", the device is a tool used by the gooey cyborgs to explore the past, present and future, and gain new information.

In the DLC specifically, the Vex are using The Infinite Forest to search for something important while Osiris, the space wizard who was first brought up during Destiny 1, tries to stop them.

The gate to the forest is station on Mercury. Players' only contact with the planet so far has been through Osiris' lighthouse, a small non-combat area players who successfully completed a PvP event in Destiny 1 got to explore.

The Curse of Osiris DLC will finally turn it into a fully-fledged area such as Destiny 2's Io or Titan. Bungie explored the planet's beginning patrol area, which has overtones of ancient Egypt.

It's beautiful looking but mostly desert, despite Mercury having once been a heavily vegetated planet prior to the Vex takeover.

The area also hosts the gate to the Infinite Forest, which is the real draw. Going through it will take players to a different version of the planet based on the mission you're running. Enemy encounters and the environment will change across time periods. Osiris' lighthouse looks particularly depressing in the distant future after the Sun has gone out and the only things left are Vex (it's a Vex simulation after all).

In addition to the new areas shown, Bungie showed off a new kind of activity called a raid lair. It basically takes old raids and adds new, separate sections to them that can be completed on their own.

Destiny 2's Leviathan raid will have a "devourer of worlds" lair which adds new areas, encounters and puzzles, as well as a brand new final boss (and obviously loot). The next expansion will add a second raid lair to the Leviathan. This is a different way of doing things compared to Destiny 1, when the first piece of DLC also added an entirely new raid.

Bungie is going to release more details about the upcoming expansion in two future live streams planned for November 21 and 29.


    3 months after a $100 game launches and they want more money...hmmmm

      Gamers are determined to never be happy.

      I'll take new content for a price over loot boxes any day....

      If you paid 100 bucks for Destiny 2, you're a chump.

        I didn't, but that's what it cost on the PSN in Australia.
        OK, chump?

          I said IF, IF you paid 100 bucks. Reading and comprehension not your strong suit champ?

            Okay so you had a counterpoint, but you didn't have to deliver it in such a condescending manner.

            I can comprehend you’re an asshat...

            If you want to share the game as my son and I do (used to!) then you have to buy the digital copy. I know you can get cheaper physical copies but my PS4 just loves ejecting disks at random times due to the known switch bug and being out of warranty I just avoid disks now. So my son bought it for $100, I tried it and it’s hot garbage, so you were insulting my son who is no chump so you can just fuck off.

            I’m not sure why you took it upon yourself to insult people that buy digital versions but there you go...asshat confirmed...The game is an overpriced dlc and not even worth $69, if you managed to get it for that.

              You've been banging on about this since the Taken King which you had the same issue with as well it seems. Most of your comments have been in fact negative in regards to Destiny. I think you should step away and leave it to the masses of people who are clearly enjoying it and are happy to pay whatever amount for the hours of enjoyment that they are clearly getting from it.

              Again, I said IF YOU, IF YOU Paid 100 Bucks you're a chump. I hope your sons not home schooled.

              P.s I hate to promote EB games but they do have a console repair service. Get your Ps4 fixed and you could save money by buying hard copies from JBHifi

    Great.. more content that you can't organise groups for ingame.

    Bungie really dropped the ball when they excluded zone chat channels on PC.

    Man, everyone is always whinging about destiny and money...

    In terms of hours played vs cost, no issue for me at all.

      Yeah the $/hour ratio for me on this game is crazy good value.

      take my money...
      So keen to be playing more, a little extra for more content is well worth the extra time i will play.

      Exactly. You'd think Destiny cost $3000 the way people carry on and cry about it.

      Well, at least there is a more positive swing in these comments. I've just switched YouTube comments off (again) because of the entitled, salty trolls and their repetitive and moronic drivel.

    Mercury was also playable in the PvP map Burning Shrine on Destiny 1

    Can't wait for this.
    Also...why do people insist on posting about destiny & money? If you don't like it....don't purchase it. For its value, I definitely got my monies worth and the future expansions will continue to do that.

    Don't know about the talks about value for money. I'm guessing there are a bunch of people here that paid a hundred bucks for Uncharted 4, played the campaign once and never played it again.

    Got 178 hours on D2 so far, so that would get me less than 1 dollar an hour. I'd say that's pretty good value for money.

    TO be fair re:value for money, it should be said that it's completely subjective, and our use of time as a measure of value is only linked to our actual sense of value which is enjoyment/entertainment. It's a reasonably good measure, as something that isn't enjoyable won't get a lot of play time. But to be clear, sometimes games try to pad out the time with fluff that's just grind (D1!) to confuse the issue.

    Personally, I've had a blast with my time with Destiny 2. And if the expansion is of similar quality, I'd feel it still good value.

    I'm kinda glad they're adding to the leviathan raid, the art design was so cool and it'll be nice to see more added to that. I hope they add in new raids in the future though.

    Also...bring back Egyptian themed gear for trials. The trials set at the moment looks horrendous except on a warlock.

    I would like your input plz, i want to buy curse of osiris but dont know if i do it now or wait till boxing day? Someone told me dlc's does not get that much discounts only bundles appreciate your feedback from experience thank you

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