Cake-Flavored Pepsi Coming To Japan

Cake-Flavored Pepsi Coming To Japan

In Japan, Christmas is typically celebrated with a cake. Pepsi is celebrating it with a limited edition release called “Christmas Cola”.

[Image: Suntory]

Japanese Christmas cakes are sponge cakes covered with whipped cream and filled with strawberries. They are good.

A few years back, Pepsi released a white Pepsi, but this latest one is cake flavoured. 

According to the drink’s official release, Pepsi Christmas Cola was created in the image of a Japanese holiday cake. There’s a sweet and tart strawberry aroma in a white cola, evoking the creamy holiday sweets. 

Pepsi Christmas Cola goes on sale November 21 in Japan. It’s the latest in a long list of Japan-exclusive Pepsi releases. 


  • I read the title at first as ‘COKE-flavoured Pepsi’ and I was like, “Ohh yes i can get Coke at KFC now!”.

  • I wonder if the marketing guys at Pepsi have ever done work for the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

    • Crystal pepsi tastes like sprite that has had a small amount of pepsi mixed in.

      If “cake flavoured pepsi” tastes anything like the “cake flavoured fudge” I had in the US, it will taste like a mix of cake frosting and regret.

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