Can Bob From 'Stranger Things' Really Code Or Nah

Image: Netflix

Lance McDonald is an Australian video game developer with a particular passion for coding in BASIC. He made an entire video game, Black Annnex, in almost pure QBASIC.

So it's safe to say he knows his stuff. But the real question here is - does Bob from Stranger Things? In that episode, in that scene - just how legit was it? Lance knows.

Enter the best twitter thread I've seen in quite some time.

Editor's Note: Twitter embeds are not doing what they're supposed to right now, so apologies for all the parent tweets. It's not our end.

And what spurred on this critique/worship?

"I was just annoyed at how many people are like 'THIS IS THE DUMBEST SCENE IN STRANGER THINGS YOU CANT RESET A BREAKER WITH BASIC CODE' like as if this was some CSI; Cyber level shit," Lance told me.

"He's just writing a brute force password retriever on an interpreter that would be on EVERY computer in that era that he probably sold the company and already knew how to use like jeez it's a good scene."

If you're keen to hear more of Lance's retro tech insights, you might want to check out his YouTube channel here.


    I gotta say, I kinda cringed when he was all like, "I know basic, I got this". I dunno why. I think it felt kind of contrived. I think I've been cringing at hacking scenes since swordfish.

      ...since Swordfish? Not Hackers? Lets all re-watch Hackers. Why does that guy arrive on a skateboard? Because....Hackers.

      Maybe because it sounded like the infamous "It's a UNIX system, I know this!" line from Jurassic Park.

    Forget the spoiler warnings, this article needed a trigger warning! I'm not ready to re-live it yet...

    So explain to me how an integer is the right variable type when you want to check a passcode for 0312 which is clearly a string. certainly the return value is a string.

      Its all numbers. if there was a letter thrown in it would be a string.

        "0312" is a string 0312 integer would be 312

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