Death Stranding Tags Contains A Clue About Black Holes

We're years away from getting our hands on Death Stranding. But that doesn't mean Hideo Kojima isn't thinking about spin-offs for the game already - and different ways to get everyone thinking.

Case in point: dog tags. Norman Reedus is seen wearing some in the Death Stranding teaser trailer:

It looks almost like a series of metal USB sticks. Nonetheless, Kojima (or someone under him) has recreated those tags using CGI model data:

This will probably end up in the Death Stranding collectors edition anyway. But more importantly, it gives everyone another clue.

The equation on the dog tags relates to black holes, specifically the Schwarzschild radius. I'm not a scientist, so you'll want to go elsewhere for that information.

But it might offer an idea as to how Weirdo Baby teleported in that extended Death Stranding trailer:

Either way, you'll probably be able to buy some Death Stranding dog tags at some stage. And probably confuse people at parties into thinking you really love science more than you actually do.


    If that's the case then it's most likely time travel by way of micro black holes and alternate timelines. Which makes sense given the talk of a "new" way to interact with other players.

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