Dunked Stranding

Dunked Stranding
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For some, it’s nice when the hype stays as hype.

Seeing the world unpack Death Stranding after its release has been fascinating, if only to see what different people get hung up on. For Dunkey, someone that came to prominence for their League of Legends content before branching out into humorous takes on all sorts of games, the mechanics and controls are the biggest problem.

The best of Dunkey — Breath of the Wild and Metal Gear Solid 5 are the perfect examples — is when he’s smashing emergent systems together, creating funny moments out of the chaos. Death Stranding isn’t built for that, and consequently, the game gets slaughtered.

There’s some slight spoilers towards the end in cut scenes and gameplay, although nothing that would especially ruin the biggest story beats.

I’m still trying to carve my way through the game. Family emergencies have a way of putting games on the backburner. But I’m totally on-board with a lot of the unskippable animations and cut-scenes. If I tell the game to skip a cut-scene, I want it to skip, not get four more prompts just to get to the bloody end.


  • I’ve been playing this at a leisurely pace but I don’t want spoilers. But it’s also a dunkey vid. I dunno what to do!!!!!

      • Ok so I watched his video and it definitely looks like dunkey set himself to dislike the game as much as possible for this video. I mean the video footage he’s picked to play as he talks about it is generally him trying to climb up the hardest terrains to set himself up to fail. I can understand that he’s not enjoying the game because the main gameplay is delivering packages, and then he glosses over all the other points of the game. He mentions briefly that players help each other out by building things to make deliveries easier, and then that’s it, he doesn’t elaborate. He also complains that you can’t carry all the items, but it’s not like other games where you items magically disappear in your pockets. He purposefully fabricates a bunch of items and then just starts stacking them up and up and up on his back to show how ridiculous it looks, but in reality he wouldn’t have played like this.

        Honestly I’m kinda disappointed that Dunkey went on this manipulative way of showing this select gameplay footage to emphasis his points. So for someone who hasn’t stepped into this game, they are only seeing:
        A) the worst way to go about traversing this game
        B) a quick glossing over the sandbox and mechanics of the game
        C) straight up complaints about the story being present at the start and end

        He’s gone in to counter all the positivity Death Stranding has received, but the thing is every positive review I’ve seen also highlight his points. No game is perfect, but I can’t take Dunkeys take seriously when he’s blatent with his footage selection and glossing over majority of the game systems. I’ll now have to see his other dunkview’s in the same vein

        • He isn’t really a reviewer though – he posts this stuff primarily for comedic purposes, not as serious reviews.

          I also stopped watching him because he started to become annoying but I never watched his videos as serious reviews.

          • Without sounding TOO wanky, I think he’s a pretty good reviewer. There is a layer of sincerity to most of his opinions. In saying that I’m a little disappointed that he failed to highlight the very positive aspects of the game.

        • It’s also worth pointing out that he cherry picks every bad line of dialogue for this video. They were the only lines in the game that I felt “oh come on Kojima”. The rest is really well told.

        • I don’t think you understand what his channel is about nor have you watched any of his previous videos.

          Take off the fanboy blinders.

          • I’ve been subscribed to Dunkey for a good 5 years or so and definitely enjoy his videos. He’s made a point of separating the goofiness from most of his videos, to bring in some seriousness with his Dunkview videos. I mean you watch some of his other dunkview videos, like God Of War, Shadow of the Colossus (which he reviewed negatively), Sonic Mania, and Yooka-Laylee (another he negatively reviewed), and you can see he’s able to point out good and bad and make distinctions to point out both. For this video he isn’t doing any of that. I might enjoy death stranding but I do agree that Kojima makes a game that you can understand for a while and then have no clue whats happening which is irritating, he can also have some cringey dialogue and parts of the game where you just wished you could skip that entire section. But Dunkeys video didn’t hit the mark like his previous ones of this series and he’s definitely selective to tell everyone all the negatives. Go and watch his other negative reviewed game videos and you’ll see my point

          • Your at fault for treating it like a serious review. It isn’t. I get it, he is saying negative things about your new favourite toy and it puts you into defensive mode.

          • Nope. Disagree. Dude has a format for how he does his reviews, and he’s changed the way that format is specifically for this video. You won’t go watch his older videos that I point out just because you know you’ll see my point on this, so I’m not going to go further down this thread with you

      • There’s a spoiler in the video where Sam is carrying a dead body, for a split second when he drops the body, you can see a popup saying who the body is.

  • I just finished it yesterday. As someone who really didn’t enjoy Metal Gear Solid 5, I actually loved DS. Probably the best and most concise story Kojima has woven. I’ll say nothing more than it felt like Nolan aping Tarkovsky for an emotionally moving payoff.
    The gameplay is absolutely fine if you play the game as it’s intended. Over the course of my 55 hours with it I probably fell over no more than 3-5 times when pushing Sam in a direction that was potentially a bit optimistic.
    I love Dunkey but knowing his sensibilities I don’t think he was ever going to enjoy this.
    Maybe the full experience isn’t ‘for everyone’ but it’s definitely essential playing just to get a feel of something different.

    • The gameplay is absolutely fine if you play the game as it’s intended.This statement here is what is wrong with quite a number of games. “Oh, the game is a huge amount of fun. If you play it exactly as the designer intends you to play and don’t try to have your own fun or have problems working out what the designer is actually intending for you to do in the game.”

      It’s up there with “The game gets good after XX hours.” Or “Rush through the first two chapters because chapter three is where it gets fun.”

      • Sorry perhaps I misrepresented what I intended to say. What I mean is, if you walk up a mountain that appears too steep and you fall over, then I don’t really think that’s the game’s fault. You CAN traverse the harder terrain without too much difficulty but you need to prep more gear and utilise it. If you take the easier road you’ll more likely encounter BTs which will require patience/BT weapons.
        I also don’t think Kojima defended his game well by saying its divisive because it’s not a 1st person shooter. He surely knew this title wouldn’t be accepted universally.

        • He wasn’t defending his game though, he was answering the question of why he thinks the game had such mixed reviews in the US compared to other regions.
          His response was completely fair but it was badly translated and some folks chose to take it and twist it in to an insult about intelligence rather than preference.

          • The thing is he’s absolutely referring to the IGN review which was written by an Australian.
            Even mistranslated, it came off as “yanks don’t get art”, which is not really a fair criticism of the response. In saying that, said site gave God Hand a 4/10 which will never be forgotten.

      • “Play as intended,” in this specific instance is referring to something similar to, y’know… staying on the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart. Sure, you CAN go off, but that’s kind of a fail state. You’re not meant to. Similarly, if you go running down wet, muddy, rocky slopes in Death Stranding while carrying a full IKEA studio apartment on your back, you’re going to fall over a lot. (Not that there’s really much penalty for doing so.) It’s not really something that deserves criticism. “You’re failing a lot because you’re playing like a dumbass,” isn’t a criticism of the game, so much as the person failing for lulz.

        Similarly, the ‘rush through to chapter 3’ advice isn’t so much because the game is deficient until that point, but rather it offers enough freedom to players up to that point to waste vast amounts of time in what is effectively the tutorial zone, if they so choose. It would be easy for players to mistakenly think they might be experiencing the bread and butter of what the game had to offer because players have been conditioned over years to try and complete everything before daring to advance the main quest.

        It’s like fucking off after escaping Helgen in Skyrim and never visiting the Whiterun Jarl to unlock dragon attacks or learn how to Shout. I mean, you CAN… but you’re missing some satisfying game mechanics until you get on with it at least that much.

        • Exactly. I was thinking of re-commenting saying that a driving game allows you to drive in the opposite direction but it’s not intended to be an enjoyable experience if you do so. It seems a lot of minds are made up on this title simply by watching gameplay videos which is a shame because I don’t think they represent the enjoyment of experiencing it for yourself.

    • Yeah, I really felt like I was going to see a lot more absurdism for its own sake, needlessly cryptic or impenetrable weirdness, but it’s all quite transparent and logical, once you get across the underlying rules governing this new world. I was kinda almost disappointed by how intelligible the story is, given those trailers. Like the cinematic of the ill-fated corpse disposal team and the resultant voidout – we got to see that several months before release and it made NO sense to me at that time. But after traipsing through the introduction and getting certain game world basics explained, it made perfect sense.

      • I think Kojima did a fantastic job of bewildering people with nonsensical trailers that make perfect sense when context is presented in the story.
        The world and lore-building is top notch (though I must say I had to stand closer to the TV to read some of those emails- am I getting old?)

  • I agree with Dunkey on the story/writing – it’s not the best and certainly not why I keep going back to Death Stranding.

    The ‘game’ for me is exploring and mastering the landscape with the tools at my disposal, which is incredibly satisfying.

    It’s not for everyone, and watching Dunkey try and brute force solutions like climbing a sheer cliff or riding up a mountain, shows how frustrating it could be for someone that just wants to get to the end and not seek their own path.

  • This was pretty much my experience with the game.

    My time is literally the most valuable thing I have. And Death Stranding felt nothing but a total waste of it.

  • Regardless of your opinion on DS, the way dunkey plays this is comically wrong. Sprinting up mountains….yeah you’re not gonna have fun. Have some patience and plqce ladders down, or find a smoother path… or use player built stuff…sure it’s not for everyone but at least play the game properly before you shit on it. It’s like playing call of duty with a knife only. Or even Red Dead while constantly complaining about falling off your house of you’re riding into trees… I get his channel is about comedy, but it’s only funny when it seems like he’s genuinely picking apart the game in an intelligent way

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