MSY's Website Is A Lesson In Hubris

Image: MSY

Pride comes before the fall. MSY Technology — "the name you can trust" in cheap computer parts — now has a massive ACCC court notice plastered on its website right underneath its logo, a week after it was fined $750,000 for misleading and deceptive conduct towards customers.

As part of the orders made against MSY by the Federal Court on behalf of the ACCC alongside that $750,000 fine, the company was ordered to post notices publicising its wrongdoings. This notice is just about as prominent as possible, taking the place of a promotional banner and sitting right above the company's famous PDF price lists.

The notice, which mentions "false, misleading and deceptive conduct" no less than four times, sits right underneath MSY's tagline "the name you can trust".

For a company that has a reputation for being difficult to deal with when it comes to returns and RMAs, and for one that's now been fined twice — with penalties and costs ticking over a million dollars — it's delicious karma.

A new link in the website's footer titled 'Your Rights' now links directly to the ACCC website's customer information on refunds and remedies. MSY also now has to clearly publicise a phone number where consumers can "raise consumer guarantee issues" with a senior employee.

MSY's famously lo-fi and garish website has been visited by Aussie customers a massive 89.4 million times since 2012. According to a counter on its website, MSY answered 1252 customer calls yesterday, and completed 665 warranty returns.

(Hat tip to Saars on Reddit for the news!)


    MSY answered 0 customer calls yesterday


    Mate what can you say about MSY at this point that hasn't already been said by the ACCC. See you back here again in 2020 for the story about MSY being forced to shut down for the same practices.

    If MSY can cover a $750,000 fine plus costs and not go bankrupt there's obviously still plenty of margin left even at their discount prices.

    About time they got called out at this level. I've always avoided them because too many people I know were unhappy with them for one reason or another.

    i was always cautious about this store... like why dont they go the whole hog? there must be some shady stuff going on

    They certainly didn't shave any money off their PAX spending to compensate. It was massive, loud and packed basically the whole weekend.

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    Bought a fair bit of stuff from them back in the day. Cheap, but it always had that dodgy feel about it, like the PC store version of the Soup Nazi.

    PCCG is the current go to for me, anywhere else worth checking out?

      PCCG is always my first go to.

      I've also had pretty good experiences with Scorptec. Great in-store manner and always helpful if needed.

      I'm happy to pay the few dollars extra per part to support quality businesses. MSY just isn't worth it any more. are also pretty decent, ordered a good chunk of my PC from them with no issues.

        I like ple. They will usually cut you a deal if you get a lot. Not as cheap as pccg though

      I personally love Umart, always had a pleasant experience with them in South East Queensland, especially when it came to returns/warranty stuff. Other than that, i've bought a few times Newegg Australia when shipping is worth it (i.e. when it ships directly from them, not a 3rd party).

    I've always bought my office and personal computers from MSY.

    Not the best customer service, but there was once where my graphics card was DOA straight out of the box and I brought it back for exchange. Not too much hassle, just a 30 min wait while they tested it.

    You certainly don't shop there for the customer service or helpful advice as it's non-existent but I've returned a few things to MSY over the last couple of years and haven't had any issues. The main reason I use them is that not only is it usually a bit cheaper but I can buy in-store and save on having to pay for freight which on small items can be more than the item itself.

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    I tried buying from their website once before. Selected the click and collect option. Waited..waited...waited, a week passed and the item still said it was being processed (stock was available). I proceeded to message them on the website contact section. Waited..waited..waited. Never received a response. So I messaged again saying to cancel my order (payment wasn't required until pickup) and ended up buying the same item on ebay. Now I just avoid them completely.

    I've made teh switch to Skycomp lately. It's not that I minded MSY but the service was less than ideal, and Skycomp has service and similarly low prices - they carrried parts I wanted at much lower prices than Scorptech or PCCG - and I was able to go out and pick it up that day after paying in the morning.

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