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Image: Jessica Thomson

Cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rare but totally legal imported lizards. Pets are rad. Tell us about yours and why they're the best (or worst).

That cute entanglement of limbs is Alice. We adopted her several years ago from RSCPA after her litter was found abandoned on the side of the road. They were all named after Hunger Games characters and were quickly adopted out across Canberra. Some kept those names, Alice (formerly Katniss) did not.

Now she's a hefty 35 kilo of pure muppet. Everyone always asks what breed she is. I have no idea. I don't dare. It doesn't matter. Alice is our dog, she's adorable and she knows it.

Even now she's demanding my attention. She'll wander into the study, turn around and sit. Staring with great intent at the hallway. Other times she'll come up to me and give me her paw. Or her face.

Alice loves being loved.

How about you? What menagerie does your home play host to? Did you have a pet as a kid you want to reminisce about? Does your neighbour have an awesome dog that you wish was yours?


    I had an Axolotl called Spawn. A yabbie called Citizen Snips and 2 fish called Ren & Stimpy. Ren and Stimpy survived near everything you could do wrong when owning a fish tank. Spawn was hideous, died young and was was a pain to take care of, he was also awesome. The snipster terrorised the fish for a while before I got his own little bowl where he subsequently got bored and died.

    Of all of them... Citizen Snips was probably my favourite. He had attitude.

    Our current member of the family is basically a miniature panther (though retains the full appetite of one!). No joke, this cat can set at the end of a dark hallway and all one will see is his yellow eyes overing in space like in Looney Tunes.

    We had Guinea Pigs growing up.

    Overall we would have had something in the realm of 40 - 50 of them, though we sold the greater majority of them (for about $7 to the pet store).

    My long term favourite was Grizzles (Grizzly Bear, the odd one out in a litter of Espresso, Macchiato & Latte). He was a placid lump that never really did anything, and I loved him for it.

    Our longest lived, Pip (Pippin, sister to Frodo, Merry & Sam) was this wonderfully curmudgeonly thing. When I brought a baby chicken home from school as part of Biology, she knocked it out of my hand and attacked the poor thing. When she was younger she also had a great habit of getting pregnant with a single pup, so after 8 weeks of her not looking pregnant we'd pop her back into the "breeding cage", only for her to immediately give birth, get impregnated, and repeat the procedure.

    Ahh, the wonder of life.

    Speaking of, the cutest litter we ever had was from one of the Chocolates (I can't remember all the names, but I think we had an Old Gold, Rum & Raisin, maybe Tim and Tam[?] that sort of thing) becoming active a little younger than we expected, and getting it on with their mother. Ended up with a coupla Abyssinian Pigs and I wanted to hide them away and keep them forever. Sadly none of them picked up their mother's red eyes, that would've been stunning.

    Anyway, Guinea Pigs. Good pets, good to teach your children about both life and death. Hoo boy, they can just fall over dead one day for no apparent reason.

    2 puppers, both rescues.
    1 was adopted as a Kelpie X lab... Except there's no Kelpie or labrador in her XD
    last vet's best bet was a boxer X great Dane... Awesome dog with the best personality ever. Her name is Laika.

    Second dog was adopted as a staffie X... Something... And while yes there's definitely staffie in him, he's most likely half Mastiff weighing in at a hefty 40kgs.
    Name Odin.

    Both dogs wasn't quite what we signed up for and I couldn't care less because they're the most loveable creatures I've ever met.

    Pic because that's what we're doing right?

    2 chooks (Daisy & Flea), 2 guinea pigs (George and Justin Beavor), and a colony of wildlife in our heavily forested yard (possums and gliders etc).

    Here's a picture of Flea being pampered. She's so soft and fluffy:

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    I have a grey and white cat named Storm. She is the fluffiest cat I have ever come across. Great personality, very affectionate to me, but not really interested in anyone else, particularly other cats. Always ready for a play or wrestle.
    She's currently scratching at the window wanting to be let back in.
    Never trade her in, but regret is that she has such a long coat. Means brushing, de-knotting, vacuuming it all out of the carpet. Not to mention the hairballs. Onto the carpet. Every. Single. Time.

    We have a little rescue kitten named Harely (Full name Harleen Quinzel). She's a bit of an odd one as she was born missing a bone from one of her front legs and it''s quite shorter than the other and has Hetrochromia as a result of getting cat flu at just 4 weeks. She's a tiny ridiculous fluffy mess with way too much attitude that hogs the couch, but really isn't that what pets do? Steal your heart and the covers?

    Recently moved out so no pets. Partner does want a bird though.

    I have a cockatiel who is so attached to me I can't leave the room unless she's on my shoulder without her having a big sook and flying through the house to find me. Enjoys head scratches and hates plastic bags with a passion.

    I have a bit of a zoo...
    I have a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo named Charlie, he was a rescued bird from before I was born owned by my mum's uncle and he is still kicking.

    A Ragdoll Cat (seal point) named Pixel, I said I didn't want a cat and the wife said she wanted a cat so we met halfway and got a cat.

    A blue tongue lizard named Haku, super friendly and used to visit the local kindy to be used as show and tell.

    I just got rid of my carpet python named Monty, donated him to the local vet as he was getting a bit too big for me (7-8ft last measure) and I now have 2 young daughters so because a bit of a handful.

    Blue Heeler named...Claymore.
    Name comes from the anti-personnel mines we used in the army, they used to be stamped "Front towards Enemy" but in all honestly he does most of his damage when he farts...
    Love the dope to bits.

    All my pets are rescue animals, Tyrion is a Maltese Shitzu who thinks he’s 10 feet tall with an attitude but secretly a big softy, Ollie is a fluffy AF Jack Russell who will cuddle anything, Meowmeow is a cat who just rocked up at the house one day but has never left and just got Luca a 4 month old Bengal who’s been staying at work the last two weeks

    I have an Italian Greyhound. Needed a small pup because of the limited yard we had but we didn't want a little yappy dog. She's very little, very quiet and very affectionate. She's kept by me when I was gravely ill, saved me from going out of mind and loneliness when my wife decided to up and leave. She's 10 now and still going on strong. Her name is Pickle and she is the best.

    Hey Adam!
    I got a puppy about a month ago and she looks incredibly similar to Alice.
    I can let you know what breed Moss is and would love to see some photos of Alice grown up

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