Ultra Pokemon Sun And Moon Make Hunting Shiny Pokemon Way Easier

Ultra Pokemon Sun And Moon Make Hunting Shiny Pokemon Way Easier

Pokemon fans know just how rare finding a “shiny” is: You can play multiple games across generations and never encounter monsters in a special colouring. Typically, you have a one in 4000 chance of finding a shiny, which is pretty low. Ultra Sun and Moon change the odds by giving you another sure-fire way to find shinies, and players are collecting them by the truckload.

To shiny hunt, you’ll need to beat the base Ultra Sun and Moon game. Then, I’d highly recommend going to Heahea City on Akala island. Specifically, you want to go into the Game Freak building, to the right of the Pokemon Center. Go to the second floor and into the door, where you’ll find this guy on the left:

Ultra Pokemon Sun And Moon Make Hunting Shiny Pokemon Way Easier

Here, you can change your control input while travelling through Ultra Wormholes. In my experience, it’s better to use the circle pad over the motion controls, so it’s worth tweaking – and this is the only place you can do it.

Once you have that out of the way, you’ll want to Charizard Glide straight to the Altar of the Moone, which is located at the top of Poni Island. There should be a warp hole there. Enter it!

Inside, play through the Wormhole mode as you normally would: Gather golden globes to gain speed, and try avoid crashing into blue spheres or coloured wormholes. You want to get as far as possible into the warp. Once you start losing speed and start getting gently pulled into wormholes, you’ll want to look out for white wormholes with rainbow edges. That’s where you’ll have a chance of finding a shiny.

You’ll want to travel around 3000 light years away from where you start (the game will tell you how far you’ve travelled once the mini-game ends). It will probably take a few tries to get the hang of how long it takes to travel that far, but eventually you should get a feel for it. I found that getting a lot of golden orbs near the start of the mini-game, when there aren’t many obstacles, was key to picking up a lot of speed.

With this method, it took me around 15 minutes to find a shiny the first time around. It was a level 60 Nuzleaf:

Ultra Pokemon Sun And Moon Make Hunting Shiny Pokemon Way Easier

I’m definitely not alone, judging by posts on social media:

Previously, Sun and Moon allowed players to “chain” encounters for shinies, but that method is time-consuming and, frankly, boring:

How To Capture Shiny Pokemon In Sun And Moon

There is about a 1 in 4000 chance a unique colour variant of a Pokemon will appear in a random encounter, making 'shiny Pokemon' the rarest type of monster you can capture. Some people have played Pokemon for decades and have never seen a shiny. Here's how you can beat those odds and get a shiny in Sun and Moon.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of shiny hunting through wormholes is that failing sometimes means you encounter a legendary Pokemon instead. I actually encountered a Zapdos before the Nuzleaf. Better yet, there’s a chance you can find a shiny legendary, as many of them aren’t “shiny locked” as they are in other games. According to Serebii, you can soft reset after saving on the other side of the wormhole, meaning that you can make sure the shiny has the nature and stats you want. It’s fantastic.

Players aren’t certain of what the new shiny encounter odds are in wormholes, but it’s clear that the game makes it relatively easy to find them. Many players are reporting finding a ton of shinies in wormholes, and it didn’t take me long at all to confirm it. If you’re jonesing for a rare monster find, wormholes are your best bet.


  • Got my first wild shiny in Sun and moon. Good old Shiny ditto! I shall loves him forever.

    There is a few I wouldn’t mind shiny but I’m not that worried about them.

  • They’re not lying about the “never coming across them usually part.” I’ve played next to every game and never found a shiny 🙁

    • I can relate. I’ve even replayed some of them like Fire Red and Leaf Green multiple times and never seen a shiny.

      It pleases me greatly that they can be acquire easily this time around!

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