Wizards Of The Coast Comments On Harassment In Magic

Wizards Of The Coast Comments On Harassment In Magic

Wizards of the Coast have published an article regarding harassment and bullying following the events of this weekend when cosplayer Christine Sprankle quit due to harassment.

Wizards of the Coast have worked hard to make Magic the Gathering an open and inclusive game. In an article posted earlier today the company spoke of what they are doing to address negative behaviour.

Magic Cosplayer Quit Due To Alleged Harassment

This weekend, the /r/MagicTCG was on lockdown after cosplayer Christine Sprankle announced she was quitting due to persistent harassment.

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Elaine Chase, VP of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing for Wizards, writes, “We at Wizards of the Coast are disheartened about bullying and harassment in the gaming community; unfortunately, the Magic community is not immune. No one should be subjected to threats and intimidation. No one should be made to feel unsafe or unwelcome while enjoying something they love. All people should be able to express their joy for the game without being attacked, whether that’s in a local game store, online, or somewhere in between.”

Magic Pros Band Together Against Harassment

In the wake of the harassment of cosplayer Christine Sprankle, 66 Magic the Gathering pro players have written an open letter addressing harassment in the Magic community and calling for inclusivity.

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Wizards are investigating all reports of harassment as quickly as possible and will be taking action against any violations of their Code of Conduct. Possible actions include “removal from organized play, the Wizards Play Network, and all Wizards accounts.”

Wizards are also reviewing, and updating, their policies and reporting procedures with an announcement of the changes coming in the next few months.

“People who have audiences of thousands or hundreds of thousands of fans have a responsibility for the content they create. Words matter, and audiences matter. Going forward, we’re going to pay special consideration to those who use their platforms in ways that make a positive impact,” says Chase.

In the mean time, Magic players are encouraged to make use of existing tools to report harassment when they see it. Anyone who witnesses bullying or harassment at a Magic event should contact the event organiser or, if they are uncomfortable doing so, contact Wizards directly.

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  • 2017 seems to be the year of wising up to YouTube. Companies are realising that they need to look at who is linking themselves to their products. Makes me wonder what the landscape of YouTube is going to look like at the end of 2018.

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