You Can Get An Xbox One S Tonight For $4 [Update: All Gone]

You Can Get An Xbox One S Tonight For $4 [Update: All Gone]
Image: Kotaku

Not $400. Not $40. Four dollars. Yes, $4.

Update: They’re all gone! Someone below managed to get one, but the consoles (or console, more likely) sold out literally in seconds. Original story follows below.

It’s one of the more insane deals from this year’s Click Frenzy deal. As spotted by Jackson over at Lifehacker, the deal will be live from 2100-2200 AEDT (1800-1900 AWST, 2000-2100 AQST, 2030-2130 ACST, 2300-0000 NZST).

To grab the deal, you’ll need to head to this landing page and follow the instructions below:

You Can Get An Xbox One S Tonight For $4 [Update: All Gone]

Time’s ticking. In the interim, if you want to chase up other deals I’ve been updating a sizeable list of games and (mostly) tech bargains below.

Update (2109 AEDT): Remember, the banner with the relevant discount code will appear some time over the next hour. Keep refreshing.

Update (2129 AEDT): Did you keep looking at the banner at the bottom of the page? Nikki did, and she scored herself a $4 Xbox One S:

Here was the image and discount code when it appeared:

You Can Get An Xbox One S Tonight For $4 [Update: All Gone]

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  • Missed it by not bloody much. I got a business call just as I refreshed the page and I was staring at the banner, forgetting what I was supposed to do. They probably only had one available anyway

  • Yeah these supposed deals are bullshit. Notice how you have to be in a certain section of the site to get the deal. They are trying to force lemmings into sections of the site where they want them to buy stuff. More than likely there is only 1 or 2 console avalible and this is just a ploy to trick people into buying other stuff.

    This is very predatory behaviour.

    • This is very predatory behaviour.

      If the requirement was for you to give them your email or something else first, yes. There’s nothing really ‘predatory’ about it.

      • It is if the intent is simply to lure customers in with the false pretense of a bargain when they know very well 99.9% of customers can’t get it.

        This shit should be illegal.

        • Its a digital doorbuster. I’d be willing to bet that there was only one for sale. The instructions say “…you can get THE Xbox…” which would possibly protect them from misleading conduct claims if Fair Trading got involved.

  • What a load of bullshit, i refreshed every second since the start (no adblocker, dev tools to flush cache) the banner didnt even pop up.

    • I long for the day that online australian businesses like this are REQUIRED by the ACCC to state how many units are available in the promotion.

  • Hahaha at all the people wanting to get a $4 xbox. They only had 1 and the person that got it was in on it. It’s a scam\joke.

  • Fuck this shit. There was probably only one console designed to bring people to the site.

    This stuff passes me off almost as much as loot crates.

  • Founder Grant Arnott said the twice annual sale included “ridiculous prices on things like Google Home for $2, an Xbox for $4, we’ve got an LG 55-inch TV selling for $10, we’ve got a FitBit going for $2, a 10.5-inch iPad Pro 64GB for $10.”

    I’m not seeing any plurals there. Also I hope this is a legit post Alex and not advertising for these dodgy pricks in disguise. Because that would be lame.

    • Slightly offended, but yes: this was a legit post. Jackson from Lifehacker (who was liveblogging the whole thing) spotted it first, and so I figured I’d let everyone here know quickly so they had an opportunity of their own. Put simply: if anyone was going to get a console on the super cheap, I want it to be a Kotaku reader. That was my thinking, anyway.

      • Cheers dude. No offence was intended and I know the community appreciates this, even if they hate the principle behind the sellers only having one item to entice people to visit their site.

        With the way the partner content works, some stuff is just dubious, that’s all.

        • I get what you mean. Tegan works really hard to make sure the partner content is interesting and relevant, too. (And if we do something that isn’t, let us know! That feedback is really helpful.)

          It’s a good question for the ACCC though, whether these kinds of advertising practices should be legitimate.

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