5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally, officially released. After such a rich life in early access — a life haunted by glitches and server outages — I bet you’re wondering how Battlegrounds is holding up after its 1.0 debut. Well, Battlegrounds in 1.0 is still the glitchy, adrenaline-filled, totally random game that has seduced millions.

I love this game as much as the next person who loves games about collecting things, hiding and then immediately getting killed. And that’s a lot. But even after Battlegrounds‘ full release dropped today, there were still plenty of technical issues thwarting my ability to, uh, get headshotted by someone crouching behind a bush.

What’s still wrong with Battlegrounds? I’m glad you asked.

1. Server Outages

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

This morning, Battlegrounds suffered a massive server crash that prevented me from getting on the game for about a half hour. Sure, it’s possible that happened because there was a grand total of 1.5 million players in the game. I was stuck in Battlegrounds purgatory, staring at the home screen until I got up to make coffee and check Instagram.

2. I Don’t Want To Be A Time-Traveller

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

No, Battlegrounds has not secretly inserted Harry Potter DLC in which I am Hermione Granger and possess a time-turner. I rubberbanded my way across Battlegrounds‘ new map, Miramar, until somebody shot me in between a few particularly jarring time-jumps.

3. Ten-Minute Matchmaking

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

It did in fact take me ten minutes to find a match, but that’s nothing new. When online multiplayer games are released, it’s a safe bet that high volumes of players will bust some servers. Still, there’s only so many feeds I can scroll through until I have nothing left to distract me from staring at my screen and praying to the Battlegrounds gods.

4. Network Lag

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

Never mind the fact that I lagged out while I was outside of the play area, without a car, and sure to die shortly thereafter. Kicked out of the game, I waited a few minutes until Battlegrounds offered me the option to re-enter.

No, thank you, I thought. It was a merciful glitch.

5. I Have No Idea How I Died, Even With The Kill Cam

5 Things That Are Still Broken In Battlegrounds Even After ‘Launch’

I was driving through a town today. Everything was chill, except for the dozens of people probably hiding out in houses, laying in wait to kill me.

Anyway, I died. Boo hoo. I had no idea where it was coming from or how someone could get a good angle on me so fast, since I was swerving all over the place. Thankfully, Battlegrounds now has a kill cam.

Here’s what I saw: My murderer ran forward into a building for four seconds before running into a door for four more. Then, he ran inside and outside a house. Finally, aiming several meters behind my car, he manages to kill me in brief seconds. Then he hurries inside again. Huh.

Sometimes, the environmental factors you’re fighting against in Battlegrounds are dropped bombs or terrain rough enough to flip your car. Other times, those environmental factors are the game itself.


  • The rubberbanding is absolutely atrocious.

    And while the kill cam is indeed basically useless, why do people not understand that kill cam’s aren’t 100% accurate?

    The nature of your killer’s connection to the server in comparison to you, etc, it is pretty much never going to come across exactly like what they actually saw on their end when they killed you.

    Overwatch is probably the best recent example of this, the amount of kill cams I see where I am getting killed through walls or such is incredible. It’s also something Blizzard themselves specifically addressed by saying much the same thing, kill cams just aren’t a flawless recreation of what actually occurred… And they never really have been.

  • Not to mention the hackers are still rife in the game got headshotted by punch the moment I jumped out the plane

  • The rubberbanding is a joke. I don’t get it. The game worked last time I played. I mean it wasn’t perfect but this is insane. It took 10 minutes to even get into the servers yesterday and when I played one map, I was just magically getting pulled back non stop. Logged back out. Can confirm – was ass.

  • Unplayable. And that’s when a match finally loads.

    Putting this on the shelf until they sort their shit out.

  • Kill cams are the same as any other kill cam. Inaccurate.
    Even when spectating team mates your not seeing things how they are actually happening.

  • Killcam 100% works for me. Got killed by being shot in the head, see kill cam with exact representation. My only grievances with PUBG is the rubberbanding and the long 1st game load (as of 1.0), as i load most the time on 1st game of the day after i landed on the ground.

  • I just picked this up the other day and so far im not impressed, the game is fun but The lag is just crazy stupid which is contributing to a whole bunch of other issues even on a 50/25 connection with minimal latency.
    Might opt for a refund and get GR wildlands instead lol that was so much more fun

  • The conspiracy theorist in me tells me that Microsoft is sponsoring the lag, the delays and the rubber-banding to get people to move from PC to Xbox.

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