Off Topic: Mundane Yet Satisfying

For some reason there are some everyday tasks that are oddly satisfying. Whenever I buy a new board game, I look forward to punching the tokens.

What mundane things are oddly satisfying for you?

There's a ritual whenever I open up a new board game for the first time. It's not a deliberate thing, more a habit that I've fallen into. I'll open up the box, look at the tokens on their cardboard sprues and then try to tackle the rulebook. I'll immediately go cross-eyed and get started punching the tokens from their sprues so that I can some context to work with when trying to learn the game.

Depending on the game, punching the tokens can take anything from seconds to an hour. I could speed up the process by punching multiple tokens at once but where's the fun in that? No, each token will be freed from its cardboard prison individually.

It doesn't make sense and I don't care.

So how about you? What mundane tasks do you find oddly satisfying?

Update: Almost forgot the tweet that inspired this, how silly of me.


    I enjoy the cracking sound a new book makes when you open it, or breaking the seal on a new Xbox game, it's therapeutic.

    I like plugging things into other things because I find it fun to analyse the usability decisions they've made like standard plug shapes and colour coding.

    The crack of ice under a poured drink.

    Not so satisfying when the drink is thrown.

    I wouldn't know if I enjoy punching tokens out of a board game, my wife demands that she gets to do it

      I've heard of someone that keeps their tokens in the sprues, so they get to repunch them every time they play. Totally doesn't seem worth the hassle but second-hand punching has to be better than missing out completely.

    Punching the tokens actually gives me a small amount of anxiety, because I get extremely nervous about punching them wrong, and tearing the paper around the end of the cardboard :(

    Also, re @neilhimself, I have had USB-C phone for several months now, but still look at the plug before plugging it in, from sheer force of habit.

    Walking on gravel in gardens with my shoes on. The sound and sensation.

    Browsing /r/oddlysatisfying and correcting people's grammar in the comments.

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