Stake Your Claim To The Virtual Moon In Star Citizen

Stake Your Claim To The Virtual Moon In Star Citizen
Image: Star Citizen

Ever wanted to own a piece of the moon? Well, you can’t no matter what those sites trying to sell you land titles say. What you can do is buy a chunk of digital space in Star Citizen.

Cloud Imperium, makers of Star Citizen released an update last week that lets players buy land claim licenses. For US$50 ($65.85) you can buy a 4km x 4km plot of land in the United Empire of Earth or, if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, you can buy an 8km x 8km plot of land for US$100 ($134.64).

Players that buy land claim licenses are given ‘Geotack Marking Beacon’ to stake their claim on any of the billions of kilometres of virtual land designated for private ownership. The beacon will tell players if someone has stepped foot in their territory, and while destruction of a beacon is a criminal act within the Star Citizen universe it doesn’t impact ownership of land.

Full details can be found in the Q&A blog post on Roberts Space Industries.

Cynics may say that this land sale is a desperate cash grab from Cloud Imperium, who have been working on the crowd-funded game since 2011. That cynicism may be justified as Star Citizen has just reached US$172 million ($226.5 million) in funding.

Image: Star Citizen


  • Hahahaha this isn’t even a game. This never will be a game. It has a bigger budget than Uncharted 4 and has taken longer had only has a crappy buggy tech demo to show for it.

    This is such a great con job. I feel no sympathy for those that spent money on it.

    • Hahahaha this isn’t even a game

      You can literally download and play it. Try youtube dimwit

      It has a bigger budget than Uncharted 4

      And this is relevant how? You are comparing to very different games. One has a multimillion dollar studio behind it which is owned by a billion dollar company. Star Citizen does not. How thick are you?

      crappy buggy tech demo to show for it.

      Again, Have you actually watched footage on youtuber? Or do you just spout idiotic nonsense with no basis in fact.

      Stick to sesame street bud.

      Also, your name wouldnt happen to be derek would it? lol.

      • I love it! You guys are totally bought in aren’t you?
        I mean, ultimately the end game scenario is that I’m eventually proven wrong. If that happens, win win for everyone because a good game is grand for everyone.

        The other outcome is that I’m right. That a lot of people who have demanded refunds and given up on this project are also right. That Chris Roberts is completely and utterly demonstrated to be inept of running this type of project. Then the hearty giggles will be had once more.

        But I mean, you’re right. Those youtube videos really do show a stable and not at all broken husk of a tech demo.

        • I love it! You guys are totally bought in aren’t you?

          No. I have not contributed any money to the game at all.

          Im just not a bandwagon moron like yourself.

        • “Lot of people who have demanded refunds”. Do you include the fake refunds of 15K and 45K?

          At worst you are giving another proof of CIG total transparency and confidence.

          You should remove your hater hat and start to inform yourself about how “broken” and instable are all builds of all softwares (games or not) in Alpha.

  • Someone mentioned that every single ‘Citizen’ could have a claim on the same Earth-sized planet and there would still be oodles of space to spare.

    CIG very careful to say that no advantage because you can’t even claim land until the mechanic is available in the game (which might mean never).

    This is a cash grab. It preys upon vulnerable star whales who want to keep their top cult status for fear of being cast into the pit of misery. Dilly dilly.

    • It also moves the starting line for every new player away making acessability for new players impossible or seem that way & the game isn’t even on sale yet & already there’s a huge divide between the have’s & have nots.

    • Claiming the land only works in UEE space and all it does is confer the protection of the UEE to your land if someone tries to do something to it against your will. That alone won’t stop someone who really wants something you have.

      • So I wonder what happens if you claim your land in UEE space, then someone comes and evicts you by force, and then because the AI in SC is so shit (or even non-existent) your ‘UEE protection’ means diddly squat.

  • Posting here as a backer of the game, most of the community is up in arms over this decision to sell land due to the implied status of landowning. The QA post that was also issued alongside it was very lite in details however it is believed that it will stop players from encircling a base or city with heavily defended bases to stint development.

    However, I personally of the belief that the sale of the CSOU Pioneer should not have included plots until the feature was live, i.e. your pledge gets upgraded to include a land plot due to the ship being for colonization. I, along with a large part of the community believe that some of the recent decisions such as the plots or the stopping of concept sale info are a bad thing for the project.

    I personally am just looking forward to 3.0 and being able to land on a planet (sometime before December 20th) rather than spending absurd amounts of money on digital spaceships, as everything will be available on launch

    • I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that the pioneer is for low sec space, where as the plots of land are high sec.

      Either way I have put in more than enough money over the years, currently swinging an lti harbinger and lti reclaimer. Gonna skip this and hope that org income will be high enough to farm somewhere.

      • The Pioneer is for building on land. It’s effectively just a mobile factory for creating structures. You can use it in UEE space or low sec.

      • Question: do you feel any pressure to put in more money because if you don’t there is a risk the game won’t be finished? Perhaps just another $796 (US$605) for a Hammerhead might be enough to get the game over the finish line?

        Chris Roberts stated over 3 years ago that if the funding stopped the games could still be finished. Do you believe that, especially in the light of the continued money grubbing since then?

        • I don’t feel pressured, most of my purchases were from when I had less expenses and would be high at the time of purchase. I also have gotten a decent amount of time out of the alpha while playing with friends; not what anyone would call a good investment, but enough that I don’t feel the need to track development that much, I just occassionally look when a mate beings it up.

    • No sir, the SC Community is not up in arms.

      Clearly you fall yourself in a category which is by far worst than whatever can represent whales you insult but represent the base of this project in terms of overall quality (IE money because team) .

      Your comment: “the community is up in arms ” This community you refer to is a very small fraction of the small vocal minority.

      I have to go down through 36 pages of reddit to reach a land Claim thread and it is only 4 days old.

      Here are those few threads :

      1185 vote – What happens when someone encroaches on your Land Claim.
      1137 vote – Why are so many people complaining about land claim?
      1022 vote – Please read the Q&A before freaking out, please
      643 vote – All this discussion of land-claims.. I want an Apartment on Arc-Corp
      253 vote – Can I use the Claim Beacon as a melee weapon?

      You can read all of them and will have a hard time to extract something higher than roughly 10% really hangry guys, the remaing being “this is may be too early” and the vast majority do not find any real issue with it or are already planning future gameplay.

      Meanwhile the thread with the most vote is this one (in the past 4 days):
      3751 vote – The moment you realize that the moving black area on the ground isn’t a bug or a glitch, but the shadow of a rock above your head 🙂

      • And adding to your arguement other games have ‘land sales’ yet they do not seem to be garnering the same level of media misdirection/misinformation that has occurred in the case of Star Citizen. Once we were informed back last year that planetary surfaces were going to be a thing it was a certainty that we’d be able to build on them. I think a lot of the active backers on the RSI forums were looking forward to what we would be offered in that regard. We may not have been expecting the information so early but we were expecting it.

        As it stands this opens up so much gameplay for those who are not into ship combat. And yes that has been a constant theme throughout development so far – there are actually people out there who are not looking forward to ship combat. Indeed with the land claim system it is entirely possible now for players to come in and not leave a planet and still have a fun time doing stuff planetside. And we’ve not even touched on what we might be able to do within Banu and Xi’an space – provided they allow land claims.

        So yes perhaps bad timing on releasing the information and sale now (might have been better at the start of the New Year) but this is all about the fact that the game content (and mission potential) has gone up astronomically. I don’t see a downside nor do I see it delaying the game as it involves content and assets that had to be made anyways for the limited landing zones that were the original intent for planet landing. The biggest change is that from the original intent is that rather than being all hand crafted it is now procedurally generated allowing for large quantities of work being done with minimal effort allowing for new game content to be added in after we officially launch.

        • Not only can you not claim land yet, but there is nothing to do with that land. You can’t mine minerals, you can’t build structures, you can’t hunt, you can’t farm, you can’t trade… the list goes on.

          The problem with the claim licence sale is that it is woefully premature and disrespectful to the player base as a whole. The players are being preyed upon and for some their fear of missing out will prompt them to spend on this scam. And if you don’t think it is a scam, then why don’t I sell you a timeshare in my luxury villa in Majorca (to be constructed)?

          • It’s a good point. Even adding to this, to put it in a simpler perspective, you are paying real world cash for virtual items within a virtual product. Paying for a game + assets within the game is not the direction I want to see the industry following. I haven’t been following it much, so excuse my ignorance, but it seems to have lost any sense of being a completed product for at least what was pitched.

            The version should be nowhere near an integer it this point, 0.3 would be more realistic.

  • I’m a kickstarter and at this point I think they’re just having a laugh. I’m starting to wonder if they’re actually making a game or just spending most of their time dreaming up new virtual things to sell.

    Putting real money into fake ships was always a bit suss, but now buying virtual land??? That’s just crazy.

    They’re not getting another cent from me. I just want to see the game. Maybe by 2020 squadron 42 will be out and I can actually play the game that I backed so many years ago.

    • CIG is going to provide update during December about SQ42. Latest patch 3.0 is tested right now by thousands of backers and clearly, this portion of SC still with bugs do generate more satisfied thread than game already on shelves.
      No need to spend more than starter package. Game won’t be out faster even if you throw in 20M$ today.

      • No need to spend more than a starter package? If that’s the case, why is CIG desperate to sell concept art and claim licences? Chris Roberts said they could finish development even if the money stopped at the end of 2014! Was he lying?

    • They do seem to have gone full-on Shroud of the Avatar. Richard Garriott and Steve Roberts are good mates, so it doesn’t surprise me.

  • I’m a backer of this game. I’m even what you would call a proud backer of this game and I’ll explain why:

    In most cases (until Kickstarter/Early access), you never really had a say in what a studio was going to do with the money they got from you (typically from past titles you purchased, allowing said developers to create something new, or a sequel) – Now with Star Citizen (and truckloads of others), the players’ dollar gets to support something they know about ahead of time. I mean, sure, a lot of shit has changed in this games development, but the end vision hasn’t changed at all, aside from the scope getting bigger.

    Will this game every get released? Hell if I know.

    Have other games been released that I’ve paid for? Yes, yes they have.

    Have they always been satisfactory? Certainly not.

    Have they always kept the promises they made prior to release? Negative.

    Have I ever pre-ordered a game that looked amazing, only to find out it was utter shit and realize I shouldn’t have paid full price for the game? You fuckin’ betcha.

    Thing is, I’ve already played Star Citizen. Mechanically, it’s sound; graphically, it’s gorgeous; Scope-wise, it’s incredibly immense. Even if it’s never installed and playable to its full extent on my PC, I’m still happy I had the opportunity to support a vision like this, rather than pre-order things like Battlefront 2 and never have a say it what the development looks like.

    If it never releases, I’ll be burned, sure, but happy that the potential is there and the community wants a game like this. $172,000,000 doesn’t lie.

    • I am with you except on the last point. The possibility it would never release is just to keep this option in the loop as it is, in theory, one of the possible one.
      Like the Earth could, in theory, get destroyed by a gigantic asteroid in a year or that North Corea invade U.S.
      At this point of the project, with 3.0 released (PTU) and such support that can only grow (as long CIG deliver in 2018) with flow of new backers waiting for more gameplay mechanism (jobs)

  • I’ve been a Star Citizen backer now since October of 2014. I’ve invested far more than I ever thought I would and don’t regret doing so one bit. Why? This game promises to be the game I’ve always wanted, something I thought impossible and the likes of which no developer would ever attempt to create. I don’t see myself so much as a supporter as I do an investor. I’m investing in what may be a true dream come true. What I don’t understand is all of the hating, especially from fans of the genre. You should be thankful someone is attempting to develop such an ambitious game – and especially thankful other people are willing to risk their money to see it through. If it succeeds you will get to play one awesome game. If it fails you lose nothing. If anything you should be thanking people like me.

    With the above in mind, I recognize that this game may in fact fall well short of my vision. It may fail entirely. It may end up getting released with far less content and/or features than promised. It may end up being full of bugs that never get resolved. It may also end up being the greatest game in the history of the genre, a position it may retain for two decades or more. Who knows? None of us.It is however a risk I’m worth taking and one that EVERYONE should appreciate – it isn’t your money on the line, it’s mine. If it pays off you have everything to gain, if it fails you lose nothing – you even get to say you were right all along. One thing’s for sure, fans of the genre stand to gain more if it succeeds than if it fails. You’re welcome.

    As for CIG and the development thus far – they’ve made plenty of mistakes, the most egregious of which has been failing to provide the community with deadlines for the release of upcoming patches. It really is inexcusable. That said, I don’t think they intend to be as far off as they are when it comes to estimated dates. Instead I think Chris Roberts is overly optimistic (primary when it comes to bug fixing) and awful, just awful when it comes to controlling scope creep, both in terms of the content and features of the game itself and what is promised for upcoming alpha versions of it. Case in point, instead of delivering alpha 3.0 last year they went ahead and delayed it by a full 12 months… choosing instead to implement major game mechanics (e.g ‘item 2.0’) never intended for the stated release. Fortunately I think he and the rest of CIG have learned their lesson. I don’t think they’ll ever deliver ahead of schedule, but I feel pretty confident they won’t provide the community with specific deadlines they can’t ‘remotely’ deliver on. We will no fairly soon whether their level of communication has improved and whether their promises regarding transparency can be trusted – we were promised an updating on the much anticipated Squadron 42 portion of the game before the New Year. One thing you can’t deny is that they deliver tons of updates to the community, albeit many of them aren’t as ‘strategic’ as we would like. Nonetheless, the over 1,000 videos on their youtube page are evidence of these efforts.

    As for the work done so far and the current state of the game – I expected them to be further along at this point but I’m not terribly surprised, pissed, nor concerned they aren’t. The scope of this game is just mind-boggling, if it were easy it would have been done before. Most importantly, people need to remember they have multiple pipelines going that each work on specific portions of the game. The current Alpha 3.0 is not the full extent of the work they’ve done. There are a whole slew of features and content we know about that are in development right now that haven’t been implemented, but content and features that they have spent a significant time developing.

    Most imporant of all, with respect to Star Citizen anyway (see next paragraph regarding SQ42), are the tools they’ve developed. We know full well they have poured gobs and gobs of time developing proprietary tools that will enable them to quickly generate planets, moons, wrecks, outposts, space stations, NPCs, and even missions. These tools represent capital investments that, when fully implemented, will be the vehicle by which the game delivers the content we’ve been promised. In other words, these tools should allow CIG to develop more content in six moths than they’ve developed thus far. Time will tell whether I’m right. If I am, we should have another 3-6 moons/planets this time next year, and another 6 or so 18 months from now.

    Regarding Squadron 42 (SQ42), the single player portion of the game being developed in parallel with Star Citizen. This is the real wild card if you will. CIG has kept a lid on its development for the better part of 3 years. If CIG keeps its promise to the community, we will have a detailed update on their progress of it before the New Year. We know they’ve done all of their voice and motion captures, script, and started work on some 60 missions (can’t recall if its 30 or 60 – I think they may have upped it from 30 to 60). The extent to which they’ve completed work on those missions is unknown, but we’ve been given hints that they nearly all are complete – we’ll know shortly. If indeed Squadron 42 is nearing release, say 12-14 months from now, this would be a huge boon to the project and evidence that the money they’ve been given has been well spent. I for one think SQ42 will come out in Q1 of 2019. We shall see.

    Finally – for the uniformed, many of the issues plaguing Star Citizen do not impact SQ42, to include both content (ships and locations) and features (professions, subsumption, etc.). Moreover, CIG has made a conscious effort to develop SQ42 assets (e.g. ships) first, then work on those only used in the online version of the game – this means the majority of their SQ42 assets are either nearly of fully fleshed out (at least to the extent the are needed for SQ42).

    • I think you are a dreamer. You will be disappointed. They will not be able to do it. I’m very happy to have gotten my refunds, a shame you can’t see what I do, what many do. Some people can only learn by getting burned. yep, it’s your money to burn but don’t suck other people into this flushing toilet with your hype.

  • Never before have I seen so many people so angry and animated about what other people spend their own money on.

    … then I remember this is the internet and we really just call this phenomena “Monday.”

  • Hi everyone I would like to offer you all a ground floor opportunity to purchase a diamond and fairy dust mine orbiting NGC 1277 which can be yours for the low, low price of $1000 USD.

    Pookie enterprises (Inc.) will not be held legally responsible if purchaser is sucked into a giant black hole but reserves the right to film said sucking and profit from your horrific death .

  • I’m a backer… and i can say i have spent a considerable amount towards it on ships and such. Still not as much as many out there, but enough to say I am invested in it. In my own opinion I do feel the land plot stuff is a bit too soon and there is a little side of me that winces in disgust when i look at it. Yet… when i think long and hard… I have bought a few ships that isn’t even released yet… hello Carrack. So… yeh… no point questioning my sanity, at least the pictures are nice. LOL But i do respect those views that this could be some mass con job. I wouldn’t blame them. But i do waste a lot of time flying around in my constellation doing useless stuff, wandering the deck and looking out the windows. So I am entertained at least. Money well spent? Depends on what day it is an how i feel. LOL

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