Welcome To The Age Of $225 Video Game Art Books

Because I run our video game concept art feature, I sometimes get sent art books to take a look at. Yesterday was the first time I barely got one through the front door.

This is The Art And Design Of Final Fantasy 15, a new release from Cook & Becker, a company better known for its expensive art prints (and now $150 Sonic books).

It comes in two versions. The regular version ($US50, which works out to be around $66) is just a book. The Collector's Edition ($US170, around $225) is the monstrosity pictured above, which comes in two enormous cardboard boxes and aside from the book also includes two small versions of C&B's fancy prints.

It's all incredibly lavish, and for FF15 superfans it might be worth it, but you know, the book is fantastic on its own, so regular folks might just be happy with that. It's heavy on full-width environment art, pencil sketches and carbon paper chocobos (there are even recipes for the game's cooking), and I've loved going through the whole thing even though I care very little for the game itself.

The book is shipping sometime this month, and you can order it from C&B's website.


    @Luke can we get a photo with something so we can see the scale?

    The only video game art book I've ever purchased has been the one for Fallout 4, gorgeous book and worth it for me, even if I almost put my back out very time I pick it up

    My copy is in the mail. Suck it Luke! :p

    Like I keep saying, anything to recoup the losses from the financial black hole the game's been for the past decade. I wonder if they've broken even yet, would be interesting to see how much of all the extra bullshit it took to get the series back in the black.

      According to Hajime Tabata the game broke even from its first day of sales ;)

        You'll have to pardon me for not believing that for even a moment.

          Lets compare the figures you have and see what comes from it ;)

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