Imagining What A New Diddy Kong Racing Might Look Like

Imagining What A New Diddy Kong Racing Might Look Like
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Diddy Kong Racing for the N64 was never able to escape that long shadow cast by Mario Kart. While the game got a remake for the DS, it never got a true successor. And if we’re being honest, it probably never will. Fortunately there’s a fan video to help fill the void left by its eternal absence.

CryZENx is an artist and programmer who loves to remake his favourite Nintendo characters using Unreal Engine 4. We’ve featured a number of his videos in the past. Over the recent holiday, he released his latest project: a short demo of Diddy Kong driving around fields and caves inspired by Diddy Kong Racing.

Donkey Kong Racing, a sequel to the original game planned for the Gamecube, ultimately got canned. Then Microsoft bought Rare. After the DS port failed to jolt the masses into proper exultation, we all assumed the spin-off series is dead. As CryZENx’s works shows, though, a future Diddy Kong Racing could look totally rad.

Whether it plays great or is fun is another matter altogether, but honestly when did Donkey Kong games ever need to be good to satisfy fans?

You can see more of CryZENx’s work at his channel where you can also find a demo of his Diddy Kong racer available to test drive.


  • IMHO, Diddy Kong Racing was superior to Mario Kart 64. 1) The power-ups would stack. Two rocket power-ups would give you a heat-seeker; a third would give you a heap of rockets to shoot off. Same with the boosts. This brought in a layer of strategy. 2) There was a respectable attempt at a story mode with pretty good boss races. 3) Variety of vehicles: kart racer, hovercraft (for water) and plane. 4) (BEST OF ALL) It didn’t cheat like fuck, like every MK has, with the cursed rubber-banding. If you were winning and driving well, you would stay in the lead. No-one would suddenly burst past you going twice as fast as you ever could to snatch the victory. Awesome game.

    • Yeh I think as a single player game it pissed all over mk. I played this game a loooootttt when I was younger, you know those years you don’t have any money to buy games? This was one of the games I had during that period. Looked great, played great and had a great overworld to it. Someone has to jump on this formula again pleaasseee

  • Am I the only that thought DKR kinda sucked? I remember buying it again on the DS to give it a other chance but still disliked it.

  • I loved the Adventure mode for Diddy Kong Racing. That difficulty spike made sure I never got close to getting to Space land, though.

  • DKR was miles ahead for single player, I played the campaign endless times.

    I even beat the cursed Adventure 2 mode where the tracks were reversed and the coins were in diabolical spots.

    Mario Kart was a little simpler and easier to pick up for multiplayer with not so great gamer friends or younger ones.

    MK won for multi, DKR was miles ahead for single player. Probably about equal to MK multi is your had friends that know how to play it.

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