South Korean Overwatch Team Lunatic-Hai Disbands

South Korean Overwatch Team Lunatic-Hai Disbands

Lunatic-Hai announced yesterday that it would be disbanding and leaving the Overwatch competitive scene.

In a statement (h/t InvenGlobal) the team says it was "difficult to face the radical changes within and outside Overwatch".

"We couldn't be certain of consistent investment for the organisation and the business," wrote director Tae-Su Kim. "And we couldn't bring the organisation, the staff, and the players' positions together as one."

Lunatic-Hai was one of the most prominent teams in the Overwatch APEX League, and arguably the best team in the world leading up to the formation of the Overwatch League. Most of its roster went to the currently undefeated Seoul Dynasty, while Lunatic-Hai itself was left to move up its B-team and prepare for an uncertain scene after the cancellation of APEX.

The team will be giving up all contract rights to its players as well, so they can transfer and join new teams, and Kim also wrote that the organisation will help the players find a new home.


  • I almost expected the reason would have been all Mercy’s fault, god knows everything else seems to be.

  • Well at least they realised it was time to step back rather than pushing on to oblivion and hurting everyone.
    (Really hope I haven’t spoken too soon lol)

  • Overwatch is not a very fun or enjoyable esport to watch. The heroes are to imbalances and game wreaking abilities. Blizzard does not watch to fix or change skills, like genjis deflect hit box.
    All that has happened is blizzard throwing lots of money at it to try and make it an esports while missing the important parts. Doing the whole “We are listening to the community thing” , yet nothing changes in months meaning boring gameplay. The patches are far to and in between.

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