The Winners Of The Steam Awards Have Been Announced

Just a quick one to let you know the winners of the Steam Awards has been announced.

This is the second year for Valve's user voted awards. It's a bit weird, a bit different, but fun. Also older games aren't excluded. Garry's Mod won an award this year! Pretty cool.

As did Cuphead, and PUBG and The Witcher 3.

You can check out the awards here.


    *shakes obligatory fist*

    My favourite game(s) was/were robbed! ROBBED, I TELL YOU!

      (I'm actually pretty happy with the list - I voted for some of those! - though I'm rolling my eyes at the expected presence of that platformer and that Twitch flavour of the month. Also, Just Cause 3 was a huge disappointment after 2, Warframe probably should've won that one, too, or one of the Prototype games.)

      Quick summary for those who can't/won't jump past the link:

      Choices Matter: Witcher 3 (duh)
      Mom's Spaghetti: PUBG (more like 'pugh', amirite?)
      Labor of Love: Warframe
      Suspension of Disbelief: Rocket League
      The World Is Grim Enough, Let's Just All Get Along: Stardew Valley
      No Apologies: The Witcher Enhanced Edition (Wow. Really?)
      Defies Description: Garry's Mod
      Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War: Just Cause 3
      Haunts My Dreams: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (y tho)
      Soul of Vitruvius: Rise of the Tomb Raider
      Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0: The Evil Within 2
      Best Soundtrack: Cuphead
      Even Better Than I Expected: Cuphead (that doesn't seem possible, given that this game was more hotly anticipated than the second coming.)

        I think the fact that Cuphead was "hotly anticipated" and actually was good was what the surprise is about? Lot's of hyped up games that are just kind-of-okay.

        This is probably an "it's the children that are wrong" moment, but I haven't played any of those games and only have an interest in The Evil Within 2 (maybe Witcher three, but I picked number two up for cheap ages ago, and still haven't got around to installing it).

        For a year full of so many standout games, so many of those choices seem uninspired.

        While you might refer to PUBG as the Twitch FOTM... it had over 3 million consecutive users and has been growing in numbers for nearly a year now.

        I remember buying it... probably over 6 months ago?

        The current Twitch FOTM is They Are Billions (which is a pretty solid game).

          I'm actually interested in that one, but I'm waiting for it to come out of Early Access first. (And to finish more titles in my backlog before spending more.)

    Easily the most worthless and least informative of all 'awards', presumably intentionally so given the uselessness of the categories. Essentially, Steam's low-effort version of a sale mini game now they can't be bothered offering real sale mini games anymore.

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