A Look At The History Of Tetris

If you've got some spare time to kill, here's a fantastic look back at the history behind one of the most iconic games ever made.

The latest episode of Norman Caruso's Gaming Historian channel picks apart the history of Tetris. It's basically a feature-length story, spanning almost a full hour. And while the history of Tetris has been told in multiple places before, Caruso's video adds a lot of illustrations to fill in the blanks.

It's perhaps one of the most exhaustive documentaries into the history of Tetris, covering all the major players responsible for the game's creation and its port to Western audiences. It's well worth the watch, especially for those unfamiliar with the characters and the legal drama that went on behind the scenes.

You can view the rest of The Gaming Historian's videos here.


    I watched this last night. Now I'd actually read Game Over (where a lot of this history comes from) a few years ago but Norm Caruso makes the whole thing a lot clearer than the book

      It has been at least 10 years since I read that book, but the Tetris Story was basically a chapter or two near the end.

      The difference between the version in Game Over and that by Caruso is the latter has more detail and the story itself is the focus, not the theme of Nintendo's rise to dominate in the 80s and 90s.

        Indeed, he gives more context to Mirror Soft's involvement than the book did

    I love Norm's videos, and this one is easily one of his best. The way he tells the story is great, and topped off with excellent use of commissioned art to illustrate it.

    hell yeah! love seeing awesome YouTubers getting some love on Kotaku :) Norm / Gaming Historian is absolutely amazing!

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