At This Japanese Noodle Restaurant, The Restroom Is So Thoughtful 


Going to the toilet at Ichiran Ramen means more than high-tech washlets. It means all the toilet paper you could ever want.

[Images: mY4DB | taya2800shin | jlRC7PS3dIc5iuu]

Just check out these Google image search results:

That’s because in the popular ramen chain’s restrooms, there are rolls and rolls of toilet paper on the wall.

If the restaurant somehow runs out, there is apparently extra toilet paper behind the sign on the wall! See? Thoughtful.

Toilet paper heaven can even be found at Ichiran’s Brooklyn location. Thank goodness for that!


  • Good old ichiran. If you go to japan you should definitely visit one. Not necessarily the absolute best ramen (it IS damn delicious though), but the shop itself is cool. the little booths you get are set out so well to make the most of the small space that japan stores have while still being able to feel private if you are by yourself.

  • Thoughtful? It’s a torture room. Imagine if people hadn’t replaced the rolls near the toilet. You’d be stuck in a room full of toilet roll holders with paper but none of them within reach.

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