Burnout Paradise Is Getting A Remaster

Burnout Paradise Is Getting A Remaster


In what might be the start of EA remastering more games, the company announced that Burnout Paradise would be re-released with 4K and 60 FPS support for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on March 16.

Criterion’s arcade racer would also get a re-release on the PC, although no date was announced for that platform. The trailer also noted that native 4K would not be possible on all platforms, providing an indication of what is being targeted (at least for the Xbox One X) with the remaster.

The remaster will include Burnout Paradise‘s 8 DLC packs, as well as the original soundtrack. It’s being priced at $49.95 on Xbox and $47.95 on PS4.


  • Do you know how this will be released? I.e. Available just through the PlayStation Store? Available in retailers? If in retailers, is that Match 16th date the same for Australia?

    I’m very keen to get this

    • There’s links to the PS4 and Xbox stores. There’ll be a retail release as well, so check JB / EB etc. closer to the date. Digitally, EA Access users will get it a week early.

  • Yesssss! I love this game. I will admit that Burnout 3’s soundtrack is far better but Paradise is still up there.

  • I bought Burnout Paradise back when it was a new release on the XBox 360. I was never a big fan of the Burnout Franchise, but this one enticed me because of its open world environment. Still wasn’t my cup of tea, alas.

  • Of all the burnout games to remaster… their most ‘need for speed clone’ title… the game that killed the franchise.

    I don’t doubt the game mechanics of the earlier titles may not work so well these days, but this title, took a really great social racer [crasher?] and used a really generic formula to make it an off brand Need for Speed game :/

    • I’d rather some kind of hybrid that brings together the best parts of 1 and 2. Never really liked what I played of 3 and 4 at a friend’s place in comparison.

      • 3 was fantastic – the Takedown mechanic just gave it that point of difference to make it stand out from the rest of the racing game crowd, although I was also a big fan of Burnout 2.

        The 4th was awful – the “traffic checking” thing was just kind of stupid. It was like Criterion had got their engine fine-tuned to such a degree that they were able to get more cars on screen than anybody would ever have a chance of avoiding, so they just gave you a way to plow through them instead.

        • Looking up videos now, the traffic checking thing does look all kinds of stupid. But the takedown cutaways are so jarring, I really don’t like that at all. Completely breaks the flow of racing. And it’s hard to say for sure since I didn’t play much of it for myself but I recall at the time reading things about how takedowns were the biggest source of boost meter compared to the old set, but if you fall behind the rest of your opponents then you have no real way to work your way back into the race. That idea always bothered me.

          I’ve always been stuck between the first two games for my favourite Burnout, a lot of what I loved about 1 didn’t make it to 2 but at the same time 2 improved on a lot of things from 1. The first time around there was a huge emphasis on crashes, you’d have the replays showing how they played out and then get the insurance damage on screen, so you’d be playing to win but then also playing to fuck up the worst when you’re not playing so well. And then at the end of the race you could cycle through the replays of all the crashes and save your favourites. Whereas in 2, you still got those scores for the biggest crashes at the end of the race and they’d go into a high score table… except they were completely meaningless since they never came up during the game, and the replay feature was removed entirely so you had absolutely no idea what happened to cause that big number. But on the other hand you had crash mode, which was awesome. Not sure whether that one let you save replays or not, but I liked that version best compared to the later ones that added the bonus icons (including the stupid heartbreaker), and the whole explosion/redirecting your wreck afterwards was… ehh. Maybe it was just beyond my suspension-of-disbelief level rather than being “actually” worse, but it didn’t sit right with me.

          There was something great about the kind of… European? feel of the first game too. That one I can’t quite think how to describe any better than that, but there was something about it that was in a way cooler than the sequel. Also you had the tow truck and bus to fuck around with, even though they were so absurdly slow it was nearly impossible to finish a race half the time. Sucked that they didn’t have any “fun” vehicles like that in the second. But then the second had a much better set of risky manoeuvres and the combo system to chain everything together (in the first you basically only had an in-progress Oncoming to make your burnouts chain iirc), making for a much better sense of flow when everything gets going.

          …Man I miss Burnout 😛

          • Yeah, I definitely preferred the simple, bare-basics crash mode in Burnout 2 to the later ones with power ups and explosions and steering the wreckage around etc.

            I never minded the takedown cutaways, though – in fact I generally liked them. They could be a nice little cheat because it wouldn’t let you crash during a cutaway, so if you were about to slam into something, nailing a takedown at just the right moment could sometimes get you past the obstacle in the cutaway 😀

  • Loved the burnout franchise, paradise was shitty once you got into the upper tier cars.

    Due to all the traffic and the ridiculous speed of the cars it was impossible to drive more than 500m without crashing, wont be picking this up.

    IF they remade Burnout 3 totally different story.

    • It wasn’t too bad, mainly because the cars handled so well. That said I managed to complete everything bar one event that had the fastest car in the game travelling at ludicrous speed from one side of the city to the other where you can’t mess up once. And that was before they added the option to restart races. So frustrating.

  • I’m conflicted.

    I still play Burnout Paradise – on my Xbox One when I feel like it, or the 360 in the garage when I’m turfed out of the house. I joked with my son that I can drive from the Coast Guard HQ to the Wind Farm with my eyes shut.

    Do I need the remastered version. Not really.

    Will I get it – most likely.

  • My least favourite of the franchise, but still happy.
    Hope they re-do the earlier titles.

    There seems to be a lot of demand, why no new games?

    • I think racing games in general, and arcade style racing games in particular, don’t sell so well these days. It’s hard to think of too many that have come out over the past year or two, and even fewer really good ones. Forza Horizon is the only one that springs to mind immediately for me. This genre seems to have almost died since the PS3/360 era passed. I guess there’s Forza Horizon (if they’re still making more of that?) which is a good one, Need For Speed is there but a bit meh… same with The Crew. Evolution are making a new one for Codemasters after they got cut loose by Sony, but no idea if it’ll be any good or not.

      • I wonder if part of it is the use of licensed vehicles? Looking at Criterion’s Burnout and NFS games, they certainly let you beat up and destroy the fictional vehicles more than they did the real ones in the later games.

        While I’m sure some people fetishise real world vehicles and want to see them accurately reproduced in game, that’s never what I looked for in an arcade racer.

        • To me the real vehicles make a game better, more fun driving something you could potentially drive in real life.

          But man I wish a developer would have the guts to stand up to the car companies and do full damage on real world cars.

  • I’m curious to know if it’s just a direct, like-for-like remaster/remake or if they’re going to find a way to inject some new microtransactions into it like Activision did with the COD4 remaster.

  • This might finally tip me into buying a 4k console. Burnout 3 was better and I hope it gets a remaster at some point but I still had a lot of fun with Burnout Paradise.

    Here’s hoping the Motorstorm series get a 4k remaster as well at some point.

  • Pretty pumped for this. I never really got into the first few Burnout games. The course design wasn’t memorable and they were all about the speed, wrecks and that’s pretty much it. Great games, but not the kind of arcade racer I personally found myself drawn to. Burnout Paradise was phenomenal though… the open world stuff fit the mechanics like a glove, and exploring Paradise City was a joy.

    I still lament the death of the true, proper arcade racer. Games with tracks that burn into you brain, quirky non-licensed music and controls that were fun, above all else. With the rumours of another legit Ridge Racer and a Sonic Racing Transformed follow-up, on top of some of the indie offerings on the way, I’m hoping that the genre comes back – reality is boring.

    • Tricky was amazing. Such great track layouts, and fun short (and long…) cuts.

      3 was great fun, and the summit-to-city full run was brilliant, but it wasn’t the unabashed joy of Tricky.

      On Tour was buggy as.

      SSX on PS3, good but not great.

  • Oh HELL YES!!!

    Loved Burnout Paradise the first time around. Played it a bunch again when it went backward compatible.

    Will play it a bunch more with this version!

  • I’m amazed that EA (which has historically railed against remasters) started with this one, and not something like Mass Effect.
    I wonder if this has something to do with how unpopular the Need For Speed franchise has been of late?

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