Fan Creates Smash Bros. Board Game

Image: jowhee13

Libertalia is a good board game about duelling pirates. It can also, with a bit of fiddling, be turned into a recreation of Super Smash Bros.

This is Super Smash Brothers: TableTop, by jowhee13, where players assemble teams of Nintendo characters then go at it, hurling items and dealing damage while trying to avoid having their own guys K.O.'d.

Image: jowhee13

It's not as literal a recreation as we've seen in other tabletop efforts, like the Amiibo-using BattleCON, but it keeps a lot of the same themes, and being built atop Libertalia helps because Libertalia is great.

What I like most, though, is the work that's gone into converting the game, with each card and mat now given a complete Smash Bros. makeover.

You can see more pics of the conversion here.

Image: jowhee13


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