The Cheapest 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps And 100Mbps NBN Plans

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If we're going to have trouble connecting the NBN at full speed, the least they can do it make it cheaper. Here's all the info you need to know.

In case you missed it, NBN Co dropped the price of NBN 50 plans back in mid-December, and we're finally seeing the impact of this trickling down to the price of plans through the providers. In effect, this means that a number NBN 50 plans are now the same price as NBN 25 plans, and that the difference between 12 and 50 can be as low as $10 per month.

Given that 100Mbps speeds will be unattainable for many people, especially those on Fibre to the Node connections, NBN 50 seems like the new go-to plan.

Below we'll put the cheapest plans on each speed tier, so you can weigh up the options for yourself. We'll still include NBN 25 plans, even though these seem like going the way of the dodo. If you'd like to see more plans for each speed, just click on 'See Full Results'.

Cheapest NBN 12 plans

If you have very basic internet usage, there sure are cheap NBN plans out there. Even to be able to get a plan with unlimited data for $40 or $50 is pretty impressive.

Cheapest NBN 25 plans

These are the plans you shouldn't pay too much attention to until you've taken a look at the next table. There are still a few variations from provider to provider, but if you can get 50Mbps for the same price, why wouldn't you?

Cheapest NBN 50 plans

The difference with the NBN 50 plans tends to be that you can't get the super low data inclusions; though there are still a couple of 50GB plans if that's what you're looking for.

Cheapest NBN 100 plans

Finally, it seems like the market is catching up to MyRepublic. It is still cheapest with unlimited data, but if you can live within a data limit, there are several of other options to consider.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


    If you want quarter/half/full gigabit you can try Launtel.

    Don't forget to update this list in 2021 when I finally get NBN! *sob*

      Good ol' NBN... "The service you want, at the price you want, at the location you aren't."

        "The service you want, at too high a price, at the location you aren't."


          Oh, right. I forgot they changed their slogan when ISPs had to start being honest about the service quality they could actually deliver.

    What about actual speeds to expect from the providers though? Saving $10 a month doesn't mean much when you get half the speed you're paying for.

      That's what I've been wondering, too. Not that it's an urgent question since I doubt we'll see NBN in my area before the end of the year.

      If you sign up to a plan, say 50, and you find you're not getting those speeds, do you have the right to terminate the contract since they're not giving you what you agreed on?

        I got out of a MyRepublic contract because they were shit. Speed dropped to sub dial up speeds at times. I cancelled, they waived the cancellation fee due to records of me calling up tech support about it multiple times but then kept billing me. I had to call and cancel 3 times before they stopped, then they refused to refund.
        The quickly fixed everything after I contacted the TIO thankfully and gave refunds.

      Thats more up to your location than the provider I think. Am on Optus 100/40 and actually get 100-120/45. And thats most of the time. However other Optus customers dont get close to that, when they should.

        It depends a lot on what bandwidth they pay for. A lot of the smaller ISPs don't buy enough so their customers lose speed at peak times.

        I've had a HFC connection for years because that's what was installed in my area when it was built. I don't yet have NBN but I'm on a 30mbps connection and can pay for 100mbps if I want. The box is at the end of my street, all of 50-100m away and I get full speed at all times. I've also had a couple occurrences where Steam somehow let me download at 15 MB/sec which is well over the 100mbps connection.

        So when NBN finally rolls out in my area if I don't get full speed I know exactly where the problem is.

          Do you know how many other people in your street also have HFC connections? Ie are most of them on it or is it just like you and one other guy? I'm just wondering if it's going to get worse for you once the NBN rolls out and suddenly your entire street is suddenly piling onto that HFC line that you've had more or less to yourself until now?

          We're getting HFC once they finally get around to it - we're one of those areas that was supposed to get it right about now, but got delayed 6+ months when they decided to fix it before rolling out any more. We're < 50m from the end of our street, so I'm hoping that means we'll get decent speeds. Assuming the box goes at my end of the street, and not the far end, in which case I'm pretty much screwed! :P Also probably lucky that about half of one side of our street is taken up by a public oval / sportsfields / tennis courts, which means that's a whole lot of real estate on the street that won't have anybody on it to share the cable.

            Hard for me to know what connection people around me have, but the options for my area are either ADSL (not even 2+) or cable so I'd say most are using cable. Judging by the names of the wireless networks within range of me which are mostly telstra or optus (the only 2 you can get cable with) I'd say most of them are using cable.

            I've had that connection for about 6 years now and the only time I've ever had less than full speed was for a week or two after I saw an NBN van down the street with a guy poking his nose into the boxes.

              Probably doing a test run of your NBN downgrade :P

    damn myrepublic prices have skyrocketed to 85 for 100 - thats crazy.

    This is probably a silly question, but I've always wondered this:

    Is your speed determined by a fixed limit, or is it a percentage of your potential speed?

    Like let's say you have a 50 plan, and you really only get 25 (half) your realistic limit (based on distance from node, wires, etc) capped at 25?

    Or if you were to upgraded to a 100 plan, would you get 1/2 of that, and be clocking in 50?

      It really depends on the issue.

      If you have a faulty copper wire, your speeds will be stuck in limbo for some time. Further FTTN is currently not using vectoring until after all the coexistence period.

      If your speed is approaching 90% of the speed you pay for, due to the way the network is set up, it's possible that upgrading speed will net you a speed boost.

      Note that you may still find that congestion on the providers end can be responsible for your low speed which could be fixed by changing providers.

      I just today upgraded to a 100 plan from a 50. I actually contacted my telco this morning hoping to get money off my 50 plan but the best they would do is upgrade me to 100 for free.

      I'm hoping it means my congested speed is faster but I'm yet to find out.
      As of being switched over for a total of 5 minutes now my speed is still around 30 at 3pm which is about where it always sat during the day on the 50 plan.

      I'm on old HFC so this may be my upper limit. I'll be satisfied if I can stay at around 30 during peak hours though since I'm not actually paying extra.

    You just can’t trust that you’re getting what you paid for with any plan in this country.
    My advice is to find the most consistent provider that offers you the least amount of dickery.

    All I wanna know is who provides the best modem router... Guessing it is Telstra... I would much rather wireless given my current problems with Belong that have last since I got it...

    I think it's an absolute joke that we have to pay extra for anything beyond "standard" NBN speed. We all were promised (by Labor) 100 mbps, but what we're getting under the Liberal version is 25mbps unless we pay extra. That's just fucked up.

    Last edited 07/02/18 3:51 pm

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