Your Worst Rage Quit Stories

Recently we asked what maps, moments or scenes in video games caused you to lose the plot or reach for ALT+F4. And people responded with some of the most incredible tales - so here's a selection of the best.

We'll start things off with badger, who describes a tale I know all too well: playing Dota 2 only to realise that you don't actually enjoy it, and then realising how many hours you've spent not-enjoying said game.

I rage quit DOTA2 after a friend-of-a-friend had a go at me for trying to play a private match one-handed while holding a baby in the other. Then I looked at the Steam play time and realised that I'd wasted more than 200 hours on a game that I'd never actually enjoyed, so I joyfully deleted it from my PC.

Yup. I know the feeling. Had it with the original DOTA, then put 250+ hours into Dota 2. I don't even know how.

NegativeZero adds another tale about a game that loves to hate its players: Dark Souls.

Dark Souls, my umpteenth attempt at Ornstein and Smough and about the tenth time in a row where I had gone human at the bonfire so I could summon Solaire to help, only to be invaded and murdered by a player that was so far beyond me that I had no chance of beating them.

Quit, uninstalled, never touched it again. Fuck that game.

I nominated The Evil Within because I remember having a completely bullshit moment with Ruvik. But there was a lot more to hate about the game's initial release, which proved to be too much for pokedad:

Not because it was hard, but because the controls were janky, the camera was janky, the FOV was single figures, it had stupid black bars to make the screen EVEN SMALLER, the acting was bad, basic mechanics and controls weren't explained, nothing made sense, and the first room was an instakill enemy that the game didn't bother telling you what you had to do with.

It was so stupidly over the top from the beginning that it managed to turn a city exploding into ghosts so hard that you wake up in a dream hospital with a creepy firekeeper nurse boring.

Pylgrim also had a moment where his girlfriend got legitimately concerned:

This one is a bit obscure: The small indie game 1000 Spikes. There was a level where my frustration grew to a point where my girlfriend who usually gets a kick of seeing me fail at games and becoming an obscenity-spewing mess, was actually getting a bit scared at seeing how angry I could get. Haven't touched it since.

And let's not forget a game that made plenty of people flip the table: Destiny. D2 explains:

Destiny 1. Opening weekend, it was late Sunday afternoon, I'd been playing every spare moment I had that weekend. I was on a long story mission around level 8 or so. I'd spent about 40 mins progressing through this massive underground base, which consisted of a couple minutes of aimless wandering followed by a couple of minutes of hectic "wave after wave after wave of increasing difficult enemies", followed by minutes of aimless wandering, followed by minutes of ... you get the idea. Anyway, after about 40 minutes of that, there's a section where the player is trapped in a small area with a huge wave of enemies that have swords that basically one hit kill you.

Normally, this is not a big deal, you figure out the gimmick and clear it and then continue on. Destiny even has checkpoints that you respawn at if you die, but in this case the checkpoint was about 10 minutes back before the battle (with a massive wave-after-wave in between), so each time you died you had to do some wandering through areas you'd already cleared, reach the battle, watch cutscenes again and then madly try to figure out how to stay alive and defeat the enemies ... then die and repeat.

Also, respawning at a checkpoint didn't respawn you with the items/equipment you had at the time you first passed the checkpoint ... and none of the ammo drops in the mission reset at the checkpoint respawn either ... so you use up all your ammo and can't get any more.. you can see where this is going.

Eventually after a repeat or two, you're completely out of ammo for all your weapons, you still have to clear the "super hard wave that you still haven't figured out how to beat", and the only way to fix things is to abandon the mission completely and repeat it from the start (in order to restock your loadout)..

Getting frustrated eventually, I started asking around and checking websites out for help, but it seemed (at that point in the games launch) that most people had just done the story missions in groups, and weren't having the difficulty I was having trying to do it solo.

After a couple hours of this, I gave up, switched off the console and never played Destiny 1 again. I have no idea if the respawn/ammo empty situation, or the mission difficulty ever got fixed/better/more fun.. but that experience really killed the game for me, combined with the terrible loot drops (this was before the cave even).

Maybe one day I'll go back and try again with all the latest stuff added to the game, but it's not high priority.

That gameplay experience was so terrible that I didn't even bother getting Destiny 2.

Hear, hear. But perhaps the best story of them all came from smegw0lf, who got so enraged at the original Tomb Raider that their neighbour got involved:

The 1st ever tomb raider on PS1 had a corridor right near the end of the game full of insta-kill lava flows. I died so many times and the rage got so real an elderly neighbour bashed on our door while brandishing a club-lock, ready to defend my poor abused girlfriend named "Lara". Poor guy.

After hastily explaining that Lara was a video game character and my actual girlfriend was sitting there amused by my constant fails he was so embarrassed. I told him that his chivalrous behaviour was nothing to be embarrassed about and was honoured that he would risk his own safety to make sure my girl was ok. I made a conscious effort not to rage at games that intensely after that.

How incredibly sweet, and also a little hilarious thinking of someone dying over and over again to those lava flows. Oh, how I miss you Tomb Raider.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing.


    Omfg! I'm on lunch break eating my sammich, casually reading the latest post and... Wow. Thanx guys! Everyone's tales of rage and woe were a delicious read.

      It was certainly my favorite story of the bunch, with the first article!
      Desperation and hilarity. Love it

    The game that made me angriest from memory was F-Zero GX for the Gamecube. Trying to clear the story mode on the hardest difficulty... controllers were thrown, things were smashes. Finally clearing it all 100% was the greatest feeling.

    FFX - Lulu's ultimate weapon - failed so many times, and when I finally was so close to finishing it, I got hit after dodging lightning for 197 times in a row.

    I decided to find out what all the fuss was about surrounding this game called, Dark Souls. It was currently free during the Games for Gold promotion on Xbox LIVE, so I installed the game on my Xbox 360. After dying countless times, since there are no med kits, health regeneration or checkpoints throughout the game. I open these big doors and came across some big enemy after two hours of playing. I was low on health, looking like a dead corpse and only wielding a sword.

    This big enemy took one swipe at my character and I was dead again. I tried for another hour, but I had, had enough. I quit to the Xbox 360 dashboard and deleted the game. Never again.

    Never again.

    I used to own a little shitty Asus laptop and was forced to use mobile internet due to living in a remote part of a remote town. One day I ended up getting super tilted in League, my net was giving me massive packet drops for some reason that week and I was coming off a really bad day of work at a Telstra store. I could feel my blood pressure skyrocketing and no attempt to distract myself from how shit my net was would slow my reddening vision.

    I am in the last game of my probably tenth attempt at promos to gold (had been placed into bronze five after region migration, which was ridiculous considering I was silver one before migration) when a sudden net drop occurs during a thirtieth minute baron attempt. I desperately attempt to cycle my wireless dongle and praying to all the gods I don't believe in that I just need this one win for the day.

    Naturally when the screen finally kicks back in about two minutes later the enemy are in our base and turning its rectum into a device for which they can use it as a hand puppet.

    My world momentarily goes completely red and before I know it I am out on the road pegging my wireless modem at a phone line tower that sits next to our house; an explosion of cheap chinese parts and frustration showering the grass across the road. I must have stood there for close to ten minutes secretly hoping it would burst into flames before deciding it was time to grab a bottle of rum and sit in the pool for the rest of the night.

    That neighbour in the Tomb Raider story is a hero.

    I clocked up 4000 hours in Dota 2. And it's the only game ever that absolutely made me lose my ****. And that rage was usually at my team mates not the other team. I have uninstalled it and I think I'm a better person for it.


      1500 hours myself.

      I totally agree, it was hard to give it up but i felt so much happier once it was gone.

        I can't explain it. I led a guild in Wow for WoD and Legion and we raided the Mythic content. And we'd wipe, and wipe and I'd have to deal with drama as well as people quitting or leaving or fighting. And this was no where near as stress inducing as my time during Dota 2. There must be something about the way Dota works that causes such Rage. Seriously I had people who I'd raid with that said it was amazing how calm I'd stay.

    2 weeks before my World of Warcrafts guildf first Molten Core run, there was a signup sheet and a list of requirements. Including the all important "Do Your Attunement Key Run to Unlick Molten Core" or you wont be able to enter the raid.

    2 hours before raid, 8 people said they havent done it yet... everything that could go wrong did go wrong from game crashes, instance resets, lising a tank, buggy mobs and moronic players. 1 hour 45 minutes later of the most frustrating incompotent morons asking dumb questions every 5 minutes cause they forgot to do it, or didnt read a simple instruction, or expected it to be Simple... then people went afk so long the mobs respawned and we had to clear the whole run again (4 blackrock runs). I got 8 people through Blackrock to click a shiney rock that gives them the avility to teleport into Molten Core.

    Guild leader and his lazy friends log in about 15 minutes late after me dealing with the hell of the last 2 hours and everyone complaing "It starts at 7 why are we not going" cause they are lazy and says in a clearly drunken voice "ummm why cant we enter the Molten Core I am talking to the teleport guy". 12 more people not attuned.

    Quit teamspeak, quit raid, guildquit, switched off the phone and didnt speak to any of my friends in game for three days, didnt play the game for 2 months. The guild disbanded in that time.

    Only ever time I rage quit in WoW... but I find gkicks a better solution.

    Dark Souls: Quelaag in Blightown. I don’t know why that boss of all the boss drew such rage out of me. But I think it had to do with how much I hated Blightown, and everything that came with it. The more I wanted to be rid of it the more stuck I got. Thankfully eventually I got back on track.

    Nier Automata: the ‘end’ of the tutorial (times a few). It was my first game of any Nier, I had no idea about the sense of humour and trolling and everything in between I would expect.

    Funny both games ended up in my top five of all time now. Fun times.

      My mate traded in his game after it took him like three months to finish Quelaag. He has never even looked at another souls game since.

    I rage quit from Twitter. Yes, Twitter is a game. A game of politics, shit talking and popularity. And I rage quit it.

    This was a great read.
    Amazing how differently people experience things.
    Dark souls and the evil within are two of my very fav games of all time.
    SAME with tomb raider

    Is that Tomb Raider story real? Because that's right out of spaced.

      I've read the same story over the years so the guy who posted it has been posting it in various media for a while, or it's just been taken from spaced

    i used to play virtua fighter 2 on sega saturn. one night i was playing and leon was being an absolute cheap motherfucker and i couldnt beat him, i re-tried about 4 or 5 times and after getting beaten the last time i punched a hole in my wall and then punched the controller across the room.

    Driv3r. Loved that game as a kid, but Christ. I broke SO many PS2 controllers in my childhood.

    Deep Dungeons of Doom is about the only game I've rage quit in years.

    There was this one dungeon of something like 50 floors, requiring about 30-40 minutes of play time to get to the bottom of, which has a boss that you get 1 shot at. If you die it's right back to the start.

    I got to the boss quite easily, but then got completely slaughtered in about 5 seconds. I was like FUCK THIS and uninstalled the game.

    A few years back I attempted to play Wolfenstein - The New Order. Played for 10 minutes after which the game corrupted my saved game, froze and would not start up after that unless I restarted my PC. It did that twice to me. Uninstalled and haven't played that again.

    Crash bandicoot: twinsanity

    The game glitched on me at a boss who was on a floating platform. 4 propellors on the platform, boss throws boxes of tnt. So you stans crash on top of the propellors, boss throws tnt, you leap out the way, tnt goes boom and you defest the boss. Only problem was, the clipping was screwy and every time you jump onto the propellers crash would fall straight through to death. I tried for days to beat it, much rage, no success.
    It gave me an unfair hatred of all things crash bandicoot.

    I know all too well the feeling of sinking so many hours on a game. Suck after you realize it. SNES controllers were so fucked the start and select buttons were gone and the only way we could press them were with butter knives loll

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