Fortnite Player Lands Game-Winning Sniper Shot While Surfing On A Rocket

Fortnite Player Lands Game-Winning Sniper Shot While Surfing On A Rocket

There are lucky shots and then there’s absolute nonsense. This preposterous Fortnite win is the latter.

During a recent stream, BullNizzle found himself just one kill away from victory in a squad match, but he couldn’t quite flush out his target. So he asked a teammate to shoot a rocket at him, like you do.

In the blink of an eye, BullNizzle leaped atop the rocket, sighted the last enemy standing, and quick-scoped them — all while moving at speeds that aren’t advisable unless you’re a sportscar, an aeroplane, or a Goku.

Now, it’s worth noting that BullNizzle plays Fortnite for Australian esports organisation Avant Gaming, so he’s certifiably Good At Video Games. His timing on this shot, however, surprised even him.

“Ooooo, I got it!” he bellowed before laughing incredulously. His friends were briefly stunned into silence, but it wasn’t long before they got in on the laughter, too.


  • How the hell has he got 60+ rounds for that rifle and hundreds for his other guns? Even at #2 you’re doing well if you have a couple dozen rounds.

    • Used to work for a netcafe, and watching a few of the Counterstrike players train, they’d spend hours shooting at the walls with a mate camping in classic camping spots to guess the pixel that would be where their head was.

      Watched them in competitive games later get accused of cheating when they came round a corner and headshotted someone camping through a wall they didn’t know was there.

      Just lots of practice, same with this.

  • Love the game but the hit detection is fruuuuuuustrating.

    Pretty amazing shot by this bloke.

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