Payday 2 Struggles On The Switch

Payday 2 Struggles On The Switch

If you were hoping for a stable frame rate mid-heist from Payday 2‘s Switch port, well, then you can have it. One problem: the game’s stabilises around the 20-25 FPS mark.

Overkill Software’s long-running heist simulator hit the Switch recently. There’s been a bit of furore over the amount of content in the Switch problem, but the bigger problem – for any shooter, really – was always going to be performance.

The latest analysis from Digital Foundry found that more often than not, the Switch struggles to maintain a consistent 30 FPS. Frame pacing issues fortunately aren’t a major problem, but there is some regular stuttering related to textures streaming in.

Payday 2 also doesn’t utilise a dynamic resolution, meaning the game can’t drop the pixel count to keep the frame rate higher during the most intensive sequences. And perhaps worst of all: the game time is tied to the game’s frame rate, resulting in the game speed slowing down whenever the frame rate rises and falls.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an hitch whenever a grenade is thrown. It’s not a dealbreaker by itself, but on top of the other issues – the game time most of all – it makes Payday 2 a hard sell for Switch owners. Patches could always improve performance, of course, but for now, buyer beware.


    • Seems to work fine on every other platform doesn’t it? Hmmm.

      Could it be the… hardware? SHOCK HORROR. A tablet can’t run a competitive multiplayer shooter. It also can’t even provide voice chat!

      • Look man, nobody expected Switch versions of next gen games to be PS4 quality in the pushing of polygons.
        Just a port optimised for the platform. Not a big ask from a consumer perspective.
        Also, this is a 5 year old game. It’s not the “OMFG amazeballz grafx!” game that you’re inferring it is.
        Skyrim is a 7 year old game that looks and runs nice and smooth on Switch.
        I just think you don’t own a Switch and like to insult them because you’re that guy.

        • Exactly. It’s a 5 year old game. Fact of the matter is – competitive multiplayer shooters require far more power than a single player game. Power the Switch can’t provide. You didn’t even address the lack of Voice Chat – that even when it comes, requires a PHONE app.

          Skyrim on the Switch looks terrible – admit it. It is quite impressive that it even runs.

          • Wow, guy! You really just hate the Switch.
            Skyrim looks great on Switch. You don’t know what you’re on about. I don’t feel you have the frame of reference needed here for this to go on.
            Also Splatoon is a competive shooter… so…
            Look, you seem to enjoy the debate, but this one isn’t for you.

      • Was waiting for this.

        Mate, if the Switch can run games like BOTW and Skyrim at decent framerates, then it’s certainly not the hardware.

        This is a shitty port put out to capitalise on the success of the Switch. Don’t pretend it’s not.

  • Considering how they treated all the other console ports I would recommend everyone avoids this at all costs.

    The PC version is great but all the console versions have been abandoned.

    • No they haven’t, They just released two updates for Ps4 & Xbox 1 last week, These are facts..

      • Doesn’t mean it’s popular on those platforms. Just means it got patched or whatevs.

        • Nothing you said is relevant, The game hasn’t been abandoned on those platforms and does indeed have a large active community, Not surprised that a 5yr old indie game isn’t perfect on day 1 on a new console, It’s Payday 2 not COD.

      • Here are some more facts for you, they completely abandoned the X360 and PS3 versions and the Switch is much closer in capability to a 360/PS3 than to an Xbone/PS4.

        There was a stretch with the PS4 version where the game didn’t receive a single update for over a year. If I were a cynic I would say the only reason it has received more patches in the last year is because they know they wanted to sell this switch version of the game and wanted it to look like they were going to stick with it.

        They are already avoiding questions on the payday subreddit that ask about which content will be included and if the missing content will be free or sold as extras down the line.

        • You said they abandoned the game on all other platforms, I pointed out you were wrong, If i play on console then i no’doubt know about the abandoned ps3/Xbox 360 versions as this affected me as i am the console end-user right?, These developers have alot of bad will with us console players of Payday 2 however, They haven’t abandoned all other platforms like you say.

  • K, dude. You like your thoughts on this and I like mine. It’s cool.
    I just still expect games to come optimised for the platform, regardless of how indie it is. I mean if I were a small developer, I’d be wanting my product out there nice and strong, because I’d be aware of my audience and they’re use if word-of-mouth (see Stardew Valley). Being a consumer and being a realist are two different things though. I’m a consumer that gives zero fucks over your deadlines. If I want to know how a game came into being, it’ll be five or so years down the track, not in real-time. Kills the magic.
    But not as much as a shitty release kills the magic.

    • I agree. I’d try as hard as I can to optimise my game to run on the target platform. 20-25 frames just isn’t good enough.

    • Haha reminds me of the destiny post mortems, destiny- “gosh darn this is why destiny was such a mess on release”. Destiny 2 “woops we learned nothing from our mistakes and made destiny 1 release version again”

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