Crotchdot was spot on yesterday: the game was Alpha Protocol, that gem of of an action-adventure from Fallout: New Vegas makers Obsidian. Nice spot, mate.

But can you guess today's game?

Alpha Protocol Is The Great RPG Of The Last Generation

In the "objective video game review" sense, Alpha Protocol is pretty much the worst. It's super irritating to play, and every time I speak with somebody from Obsidian, the studio that made it, they just shake their head. But on the Phil Owen "Was This A Big Waste Of Time?" Scale, however, Alpha Protocol comes out on the good end every time I go back to it.

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Good luck!


    Aussie Rules Footy on the nes?

      Someone's stolen the goal posts.

        I guess goal posts would make it too easy.
        I was wondering why there was a trap door in the goal square, but it seems they put a little splodgy bit there to show where the ground was ripped up.

      Out of bounds
      On the full

      I guess adding in the goal posts would have been to much of a gimme

    Aussie Rules Footy on the NES

    Pipped me @noobi !!!

    was such a great/terrible game.
    "Out of Bounds. On the Full"

    Last edited 28/03/18 12:26 pm

    I have no idea. I'm just wondering whatever happened to the guy who kept posting "Bike Mice from Mars"? Did he quit once he got it right?

      I don't think he ever did get it right.
      I know there was at least one occasion he was away when it was the right answer.

    ninja rope... or biker mice from mars for nostalgia's sake

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