6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original

PUBG Mobile isn’t just a surprisingly solid port, it also has a few key features that the main game doesn’t. These changes could help breathe life into the game as it battles Fortnite and helps all us chicken dinner-seeking buffoons enjoy the game even more.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original

Log-in Bonuses

Mobile games often use log in bonuses as a way of keeping players on the treadmill. PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds has an in-game currency earned at the end of matches that can be used to purchase loot crates with clothing. While PUBG Mobile still has currency at the end of matches that can buy loot crates, it also give coins and items with each daily log-in. The item are the important thing.

This way, you can get nifty clothing without the grind or the loot crate nonsense. It’s an imperfect solution but could help folks avoid crates altogether.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original


Battlegrounds is mostly a test to see how long you can survive, but having a few additional goals never hurts. PUBG Mobile‘s missions fall into those aforementioned treadmill tactics that I’m not completely fond of but they do give players micro-goals such as surviving for a certain amount of time, grabbing weapons from airdrops, or playing a number of matches with friends.

Adding them to the main game might encourage players to switch up their playstyle and bring some variety to the experience.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original


Sometimes, you meet cool folks online but don’t want to have them cluttering up your friends list. Crew are basically PUBG Mobile’s answer to clans. They’re a good way to keep players together and organise matches.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original

Map and Compass Improvements

Every Battlegrounds player has gotten killed while looking at their map or gotten lost trying to follow a waypoint on their compass. PUBG Mobile solves both of these problems.

First off, you can scale the map to a smaller size and still run around without blocking your full screen. You won’t be able to see everything, but it helps keep better spatial awareness on the go.

As a bonus, map waypoints and compass indicators in PUBG Mobile show how far away the marker is. There are even large, clear markers next to your teammates that show how close or far they are. Oh my god, it’s great. This one simple change helps figure out travel time and lets you space out your squads a little easier. The main game needs this, like, right now.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original

Auto Looting

The early periods after dropping into one of Battlegrounds‘ maps is always a mad scramble to pick up supplies. We all have methods for grabbing loot — I’m a bit fan of clicking and dragging items, for instance.

PUBG Mobile has an auto loot system that priorities all the things you’d want: guns, armour, backpacks, and boosters. When you find compatible gun attachments, it snaps those to your weapons for you. While this sometimes means the wrong gun getting the attachment, that’s easy to fix in your inventory. It’s a small price to pay for a faster early game.

6 Things PUBG Mobile Does Better Than The Original


OK, hear me out. PUBG Mobile populating matches with braindead bots undermines the point of a battle royale game. That said, having the option for players to boot up a local game full of bots so that they can learn maps and test weapons in a less hectic environment seems like a really great idea.

It would be hard to implement but would certainly go a long way in helping new players learn the ins and outs of the game without getting their arse kicked each round.


  • I fired this up last night and cannot fathom how anyone could adequately use the touch controls. Unless I’m completely missing something, you cannot aim AND shoot at the same time. Line up the shot and then hit the shoot button – how does this possibly work with moving targets? Graphically it’s quite a feat but no way could I enjoy it with those controls.

    • Easy, my friend. You just have to engage… the claw (mobile version). Basically you need both index fingers and thumbs to press ‘buttons’ while the remaining fingers stabilise the phone. In no time, you will be a mobile gaming ninja.*

      * Disclaimer: you will not actually become a ninja. May lead to long-lasting hand-damage. Seek the advice of a medical professional if pain persists.

        • haha, came to say this. in options you can turn on and off a second shoot button above the onscreen dpad, so if you are sight aiming with your right thumb you can use your left to pot shots. although i had some success while hip firing while running back and forth too.

  • Woah, the guy on the left of the header image is modelled to look exactly like The Rock wearing an afro wig.

  • I like that dropped bodies have smoke like a loot crate, that’s another great addition.

    It really needs bluetooth controller support though.

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