Anime Figures Make Excellent Earphone Stands

Anime Figures Make Excellent Earphone Stands

Why only collect anime and game figures when you can use them to hold earphones? Recently, fans and retailers alike in Japan have been using them to do just that.

Image: lJe_gflx, umiyoshi, Man_Nyomo

This trend isn’t brand new, and there are examples of people uploading photos of their figures-turned-earphone-stands from a while back. People were probably doing this way before that, too!

But more recently, stores have been using figures to hold earphones, because they do make eye-catching displays.


  • Whenever you read Brian’s Twitter plays, do you all just get a bit of embed links to follow? Does anyone get the images in the post? Feels supremely annoying it takes me to an external site every time if im I’m curious to see.

  • No way I’d be putting easily-snagged earphone cords anywhere near extremely expensive and/or irreplaceable figures!

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