Far Cry 5, As Told By Steam Reviews

Far Cry 5, As Told By Steam Reviews

Just going by Steam reviews, Far Cry 5 is a game about throwing shovels, petting dogs, and enjoying the Montana countryside. Seems legit.

The latest game in the Far Cry series came out last week, and while the game is ostensibly about taking down a cult, it’s easy to get lost wandering around Hope County, occasionally fighting bears. Steam users have definitely taken advantage of the game’s huge open world:

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  • It is indeed a fun chaotic sandbox. Unfortunately for my immersion experience, I also kicked poor Boomer in the face instead of patting him and also somehow managed to headshot Peaches while attempting the same thing.

    Speaking of Peaches… why did they make her so weak compared to the other animal companions? I really want to have her around in-game but she gets killed so easily and doesn’t seem to do much. I want a buff for Peaches!

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