Japan’s Best April Fool’s Day Jokes

Japan’s Best April Fool’s Day Jokes

Today is April 3. But let’s look back to last weekend and round up the best April Fool’s Days gags Japan had to offer.

GIF: リカーマウンテン

Such as…

The Dragon Ball Super vs. Pretty Cure Super Stars mash-up we’ve all been waiting for.

Image: Toei

Kagawa Prefecture, AKA “Udon Prefecture”, is changing its name to Yadon (Slowpoke) Prefecture.

Vegetable flavoured Fanta (capsicum, corn, burdock root, garlic, chilli).

Graphic: Fanta Japan

Graphic: Fanta Japan

Photoshop you can drink.

A karaoke aeroplane flight from Jetstar.

Image: Jetstar

This doesn’t seem like a joke.

Image: Kit Kat Japan

But even in Japan, you’re not going to really see ham and melon cream soda flavoured water.

Image: Ilohas

Grand Seiko Ninja.

Image: Grand Seiko

Why type when you can write Japanese characters on your keyboard?

Final Fantasy Magnai 14.

VR booze drinking.

The Tekken 7 DLC we’ve all been waiting for.


Image: Square Enix

So good.


  • I still remember the salted watermelon pepsi, the shiso pepsi, and the ten thousand other weird seasonal flavours for drinks. The Fanta one doesn’t even seem that far fetched.

    The Ikaman one is fucking amazing, though. It’s puns within puns.

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