Kogan Is Now Flogging Unlimited NBN Plans For $2 Per Day

Kogan Is Now Flogging Unlimited NBN Plans For $2 Per Day
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Kogan has just entered the NBN game, y’all. Starting from today, the online retailer is offering three different plans at three different speeds. Here’s what they look like.

Bronze Unlimited: $58.90 per month (hence the ‘less than $2 per day angle they’re pushing) for unlimited data on NBN 12. This is the slowest of the speeds and is really only worth it for one connected device. On this plan you’ll experience a maximum connection speed of 12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

Silver Unlimited: Until June 30 Kogan is offering a $58.90 per month ‘launch price’ that will last for the first 24 months. The usual price is $68.90. This plan will get you unlimited data on NBN 50 and is recommended for 2 – 4 connected devices. You’ll be getting a maximum of 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds.

Gold Unlimited: $88.90 per month for unlimited data using NBN 100. This is the fastest plan and is designed for 4+ connected devices, with a maximum of 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload.

An important detail here is that you can’t bring your own modem to the party. All plans incur a $69 upfront, obligatory modem charge. So make sure you factor that into your decision making. On the plus side, you can cancel the plan at anytime without penalty.

Kogan also aren’t being shy about actively trying to challenge powerhouse Australian telcos stating that they want Australians to understand that their current service providers may not continue to have the best value service.

“For far too long Australians have had to put up with incumbent ISP’s who are more interested in maintaining the status quo than delivering better broadband. We believe more competition is always better for Australian broadband consumers and are proud to support it,” said Matthew Lobb, General Manager Fixed Broadband at Vodafone Australia.

“Following the success of Kogan Mobile in providing more competitive and affordable mobile phone plans, we are excited to expand our partnership to launch Kogan nbn™.”

You can sign up, or check if NBN is available at your address, at the Kogan Internet website.


  • more providers is never a bad thing imo, this will be interesting to see what feedback they get

    aren’t Kogan obligated to show the average speed that users get? I don’t see any details on their site

    • Yes, you are obligated now to absolutely show the average speeds you’ll receive at peak (and I think offpeak?) times.

      • hmm so the fact they aren’t showing it is mildly suspicious. time to see if anyone on whirlpool is commenting i guess haha

        • ‘Typical Evening Speed’ can only be shown when you have data to report on, as they are new there is a period they can offer (Hence the ‘Speed may vary’ comment on all plans)

          I assume this will be replaced once they have data off the back of the TPG network,

    • More providers is good.

      More providers like Kogan, if their track record is anything to go by, isn’t a good thing.

      • I’m only bought from them once and they delivered my goods. I guess their overall reputation isn’t that favorable?

  • Never will I sign up with these clowns.

    Ship my product to NZ, and I immediately notice the tracking is messed up. They refuse to talk to me until it is marked as delivered in another country and I do not have it. I got some crappy headphones instead. Organise to get them sent back. They won’t do a thing until they receive them. Then they will ship my product again but I still have to wait for 2 days for it to ship. They have no way of contacting the wharehouse and saying “Hey guys, we messed up, put this order on top”.

    The whole way through it we had a ‘resolution manager’ we could call anytime. He had absolutely no power to actually do anything so he was a useless muppet.

    Boss ordered a projector off them to see if they were decent. Output was about a 10th of the advertised lumens. Our 10 year old projectors with half dead globes were twice as bright side by side. Took forever for them to accept that, even with video.

    Cousin got a phone from them for a family member, had to get something fixed under warranty.
    Sent it in, wait a week. Hears nothing. Calls up.
    Confirms they have the phone. Has to ask them to actually start warranty process
    Week later calls. They have found a fault. Has to actually ask them to go ahead and fix it.
    They would do one step and then nothing until he called again. Took about 4 weeks.

    At least my mum ordered something from them once and it worked.

    I’ll stick with a decent ISP thanks. I don’t wait to have to fight with people on the phone in my own hours. If something isn’t working, I can ring up, hang up 1 minute later and they’ll put me in the queue and call me back when it’s my turn. That’s well worth paying a little extra.

  • Me every time I see an NBN deal advert:

    Oh awesome. I’ll go out right now and sign up! Oh wait, you actually need to have the NBN in your area before you can sign up… *frownieface*

  • How are you considered to be “challenging the current powerhouses” when you’re charging almost the same as them..

    What are you challenging exactly?

    • He looks unbelievably creep in every picture in seen of him. That uncle your parents won’t leave you alone with creepy.

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