Nintendo’s New President Says Aussie Game Is One Of His Recent Favourites

Nintendo’s New President Says Aussie Game Is One Of His Recent Favourites

Nintendo dropped a surprise bombshell yesterday when they announced that 46-year-old Shuntaro Furukawa would be taking over from Tatsumi Kimishima as the company president in June. And for added measure, Furukawa followed it up with an added bonus.

Furukawa is an interesting pick for Nintendo president, if only because he doesn’t have a background as a developer or designer on either the hardware or software side. Furukawa has had mostly a background in Nintendo’s finances, and currently serves as the executive responsible for corporate planning. He’s also led the briefings for investors and analysts.

Still, he’s reportedly an avid gamer. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, one analyst said he often ended up just talking to Furukawa about playing games, even though he was there to discuss Nintendo’s financials.

And when asked what games he liked, Furukawa didn’t pick anything Japanese. Instead, he said, his favourite game recently was Golf Story:

Asked what games he liked, Mr. Furukawa said a recent favorite is “Golf Story,” a role-playing sports adventure game developed by a small studio in Australia.

He didn’t go into detail about Golf Story, but it’s a nice thought that the person who is now leading the Switch, and Nintendo’s efforts across all platforms, nominated a game from a small Brisbane studio above everything else as their favourite.

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