Sega Arcade Employee Admits To Making Up Robbery Story 

Photo: Sega

Yesterday, a 33-year-old employee at High-Tec Sega Kasai game center in Tokyo phoned the police, saying there was a robbery. The man later admitted this was a lie.

According to Sankei Shimbun, the Sega arcade employee told the police, "A group of three men broke into the office and stole 2 million yen." (That's just over $24,000.)

Authorities say the arcade staffer initially claimed he had been put in a Nelson hold while the robberies stole money from the safe.

However, security footage didn't show a group of three suspects, and the Sega arcade later admitted that he lied about the robbery. According to newspaper Kyoto Shimbun, authorities are now investigating the matter further to see if there was anything taken or not.


    whut O.o why lie about someone stealing 2 million Yen? i mean if 2 million Yen is missing then its obvious this guy was just trying to cover his tracks but if nothing is taken then this is really weird.

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