Slowpoke Is Unexpectedly Fast When Crossing City Streets

Slowpoke Is Unexpectedly Fast When Crossing City Streets

Slowpoke is called that for a reason. It’s a slow Pokemon! Except when crossing the street, because then Slowpoke speeds up.

GIF: udonken_kaigo

This is how you imagine Slowpoke moving down the street. But that changes when the character crosses and intersection.

All that running has to make Slowpoke tired.


      • You clearly dont like these kind of articles.

        so why do you come on them and sook about them like a child?

        Seriously, all you ever do is bitch and whine about not liking articles. Clearly this place isnt for you.

        • Every comment generates at least two page impressions and any associated ad revenue. Reading and then complaining about these articles just drives up their popularity.

          Personally I enjoy reading these Japan articles, so don’t mind the complaints and just enjoy the fact they’re self-defeating.

          • Though some articles can have a bit of click bait in their tittle (not this one though). Perhaps an up/down vote button for articles?

          • The easier option is to just not read articles that don’t interest you (speaking general ‘you’, not you specifically). I don’t really understand why people have such difficulty with that, nobody complains that the newspaper has a food or travel or sport section that they don’t care to read, they just skip over it for the stuff they do care about.

            Not every article caters to every reader, nor should it. I like the Japan articles here, but I hate the UFC stuff. I used to complain about UFC articles, but then I realised that just made me a dick trying to piss on things other people enjoy. Just better to not click through at all – makes me happier, makes everyone else happier.

          • Holy sh*t ZJ… Common ground!
            I also disliked all the UFC posts. Ha.

            Also, I can agree with the not-clicking part. And I suppose that’s the answer.

            But I also think it can be worth expressing how we feel about these posts. Even if its just every now and then. Albeit with less bitterness in my case, I suppose.

            Honestly, if Jason moved to USGamer/Destructoid etc… or went independent / to Forbes. And if Alex moved on… I probably wouldn’t visit anymore.
            Kotaku is only as good as its contributors and its content.

          • So every single head line is a clear indication of the article? Not saying click bait but there are times when something seems interesting via the head line but when you get to the article it’s drivel. But the click is counted as some one read it.

          • Sure, and that’ll happen anywhere even if it’s not clickbait, could just be misunderstanding. But a comment is counted as another one, so I usually just leave if I found the content uninteresting.

        • I don’t think I have never seen eye-to-eye with yourself or @zombiejesus. And I don’t think it’s constructive to argue or name-call here. However I’ll at least put forward where I’m coming from.

          At the end of the day, Kotaku is one of the only active mainstream source of Australian gaming news. If you’re into gaming in Australia, and you want local content, you probably frequent Kotaku.
          And to be fair, there really are some amazing staff at Kotaku. From the US, Stephen himself always provides a excellent read. Jason is, quite literally, the best gaming journalist in the biz. His ability to get insider looks into the underbelly of gaming is completely unparalleled. And locally, I’ve really been enjoying @alexwalker ‘s articles lately – I feel like they’ve been unbiased, timely, and above all – an interesting read. I have his posts from today open right now.

          However (in my opinion), it’s clear as day that some of the contributors really do drag this site down. And it seems clear enough from the comments that I’m not alone. Some could, quite honestly, be replaced with bots scouring Reddit/Twitch, and the others could be posting on literally any liberal-biased site.

          Why are wonderful articles about the inner workings of Hangar 13 surrounded by endless cosplay, two-sentence posts with a Fortnite headshot GIF, the latest Twitch-lebrity scandal, speed-running glitches and some weird esports rivalry?

          I might be in the minority, but I find so much of this as either clickbait nonsense, or simply agenda-driven blather. The clickbait reminiscent of that which Buzzfeed and Mashable have been peddling for years (Mashable, in particular, started as something pretty great before it completely lost its way).

          Staying unbiased is also important, otherwise you just become another Fox News or Huff Post preaching to your nodding, already converted audience. Is that what we want from Australia’s biggest gaming website? I mean, it’s a system which works in the US, where the market is massive and politics is polarised. But we’re small and comparatively very moderate here in Australia.

          I suppose what I’m trying to say is that, it’s important to me that there IS a site like Kotaku. Somewhere where insightful gaming posts can be shared, and mature discussion can be made. I just get frustrated when I see so much rubbish here.

          But then, as always, there are two sides to the story. I see there are posters below who still appreciate this stuff and obviously like it in their feed. So maybe I’m just not Kotaku’s target audience.

          • Not liking one particular flavour of post doesn’t mean you’re not the target audience – things aren’t that black and white.

            Kotaku has always covered the quirky part of Japanese culture and Japanese gaming culture since it started. That has evolved and grown as we’ve taken on different writers who bring different things to the table. But that Japanese element has always been part of Kotaku – it’s in the name! – and just because a few posts out of 20, 25, 30, 35 a day aren’t to your liking, it doesn’t mean the site isn’t for you.

            Put another way, I might go browse The Guardian, SMH, News, and a whole bunch of other sites, but I’ll never touch their lifestyle verticals. That doesn’t mean their content isn’t for me, or that I’m not their target audience either.

          • I think you actually did hit on something there for me.

            That has evolved and grown as we’ve taken on different writers who bring different things to the table.

            As there is only a relatively small pool of regular contributors, if there is some one whose style or opinions you don’t like, it then turns off a large amount of the available material. It can also mean one or two small changes in contributors can swing the… balance of what makes up a large amount of articles.

            I forget her name, the cosplay one. when she was doing several articles a day back a year or maybe more now, there were like 3 cosplay articles a day, now that she doesn’t contribute as much you’re lucky to get 3 a week.

            The dynamic of Kotaku changes all the time, it’s what keeps it interesting in the end, but these subtle changes can have large end effects.

          • Apolgies for the personal attack. I was just a bit frustrated at the time with the recent raft of people just commenting on how much they dont like articles. But clicking and commenting on them anyway, Essentially achieving the opposite.

            Stuff like this i quite enjoy and readily accept that not everyone is me. It just seems recently (not saying this is you) its become trendy with a small rabid section of commenters to sook about anything kotaku posts that does not fit in with their narrow views.

            None the less, Hope you can stick with us. Even id we disagree, i would still like respectful opposite opinions to remain

            Have a good day 🙂

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