The E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule

We're several weeks away from E3, the video game industry's annual tribute to buzzwords, explosions, and shocking reveals of games that will take decades to come out. Are you excited? I'm excited.

Photo: E3 2017 (Courtesy ESA)

Here's the schedule so far:

EA - Sunday, June 10, 4AM AEST

From sports to shooters to... more sports, EA will kick us off with an opening presentation from EA Play, the publisher's event in Los Angeles. (EA stopped officially participating in E3 a few years ago.) We can expect to see a new Battlefield, an in-depth look at Bioware's Anthem, and hopefully some other cool surprises.

Microsoft - Monday, June 11, 6AM AEST

It looks as though Team Xbox has moved permanently from its previous Monday morning local time slot to Sunday afternoon, which helps spread out the fun. Microsoft has a lot of pressure to compete with Sony's fantastic lineup of exclusives, so this will be one to watch. New Gears of War is a safe bet, but what else does Xbox have to show? And what T-shirts will Phil Spencer be wearing?

Bethesda - Monday, June 11, 11:30AM AEST

The publisher of Fallout and Doom won't make attendees stay out late this time, as it has thankfully moved this year's press conference back. Bethesda doesn't have a single announced game at the moment, so this presser should be full of news. Some safe guesses include Prey DLC and whatever's next from Fallout 4 developer Bethesda Game Studios.

Ubisoft - Tuesday, June 12, 6AM AEST

The folks behind Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs always put on a good show, stuffing their presser with big announcements and "one more thing"-style surprises. We know we'll see The Division 2 and Skull and Bones, but what about a new Splinter Cell? Or the next Assassin's Creed? And how's Beyond Good and Evil 2 doing these days?

Sony and Nintendo have not yet announced their plans, but Sony typically holds its press conference on Monday night local time, while Nintendo has spent the past few years airing a special pre-recorded Nintendo Direct on Tuesday morning local time. Last year, Sony's conference kicked off at 1100 AEST on the Tuesday, while the Nintendo Spotlight was 0200 AEST the following day.

Nintendo has also already announced an E3 tournament for the upcoming Smash Bros. on Switch.


    I'm expecting Halo news from Microsoft, even if it's just to keep the shareholders happy.
    And I have a gut feeling Bethesda might have a surprise or two, not as big as the famous Fallout presentation from 2015 but something more than last year's slightly lackluster presser.

      Halo news is pointless without Bungie driving it. 343 Industries entries have all been massively awful.

        ...well Bungie post-Halo project has been massively disappointing too.

          Agreed. Taking nearly 3 years to make Destiny a playable game, then release D2 and make it fucking terrible all over again. Hey, maybe it won't suck for a couple of months before D3 comes out lol?

    shocking reveals of games that will take decades to come out.Bethesda has been pretty good on this with announcung games within the sane year they come out. Fallout 4 being their biggest reveal.

    The rumour of Bethesdas Starfield projectvmay be this year if the rumors are on point... space game, like Skyrim with SPACE!!!

    Very interested to see more about Anthem and the The Division 2. Also now that anthem is delayed to 2019 they'll probably be coming out at the same time, which might suck for The Division 2.
    Definitely hoping for some halo news, its three years since halo 5, i need halo 6. Or Master Chief Collection for PC would be good too (a man can dream).
    Is it too soon for a surprise announcment of Doom 2 (Doom 2016 2, Doom 2018, i dont know what to call it)

    Cyberpunk may be mixed in with Microsoft. Thats what I am looking forward to. And Bethesda's show.

    $100 that an EA presenter will say the line "We have listened to the players/ Community" in relation to microtransactions. $100 bonus if its in relation to Anthem.

      "We listened to the players/community" is just code for "we heard and decided your a pack of cry babies"

    Cyberpunk 2077!! Please! Cant tease us like that and then nothing for 5 years. :p
    I would like to see a new Elders Scrolls as well. Diablo 4 and Borderlands 3 would be nice too

    I expect alot from Microsoft this E3 - Sea of thieves expansion, forza horizon 4, halo 6, gears of war 5, fable 4, perfect dark 3, Age of Empires 4, and an new elite controller.

      Pretty well much, I can see Microsoft doubling down on known IP's for the next year until they can buy or develop new stuff.

    Well I said I would and now I have..... I've booked time off work for this year's E3 :D

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