Australian Times For The E3 Conferences: We're Liveblogging!

It's that time of year again: that glorious time when we all stay up till the wee hours of the morning and dissolve into a collective sleepless insanity. It is, of course, E3. And E3 wouldn't be E3 without the conferences. We've listed the big ones below, along with the Australian times. We are, of course, liveblogging the events. Why don't you join us!


Tuesday, June 11 12.30am AWST (Perth) 2.00am ACST (Adelaide) 2.30am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)


Tuesday, June 11 9.00am AWST (Perth) 10.30am ACST (Adelaide) 11.00am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)

Nintendo Direct

Wednesday, June 11/June 12 10.00pm AWST (Perth) 11.30pm ACST (Adelaide) 12.00am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)

Those are the big three. We'll be liveblogging all three of these.

If we get the chance we'll also try and blog the EA and Ubisoft conferences, but just for your own personal reference...


Tuesday, June 11 4.00am AWST (Perth) 5.30am ACST (Adelaide) 6.00am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)


Tuesday, June 11 6.00am AWST (Perth) 7.30am ACST (Adelaide) 8.00am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)

So that's all the times! Be sure to join us for the Liveblogs!

See you then...


    I won't get up for the Microsoft one. Hopefully I won't have to pay a fee to watch a copy of it later.

      You can probably watch a copy streaming from their site later on for free, but you will have to turn on your webcam for doing so.

      Its at 2:30am, who would go to sleep then wake up for it? Surely you would just stay awake

    Pretty sure Brisbane is in the same time zone as Melbourne and Sydney. I think you're thinking about Adelaide...

      Also, even if not on the same time bris is aest and the others are adst

      Sorry guys, massive brain fart. I'll blame the jetlag on this one. :|

    I was up for the Microsoft Xbox One reveal. . . I might choose to sleep in for their E3 conference. . .

    "Presented by Telstra Broadband"

    My Telstra broadband outage has endured 2 weeks and over 10 angry phone calls. The one thing I need Internet for is being presented by the entity preventing me from accessing it. The irony both hurts and tickles me to the core of my being.

    where do you guys reckon the best place to watch the sony conference stream will be? there's no chance of me watching the MS conference. but, i've taken the day off of work for the sony one ;)
    their ps4 reveal stream on ps blog was shit house. ended up watching on gttv.

      Microsofts will be all games, Sonys will be games, the console and lot's of boring features

      Probably be best to go to GGTV again. But check other streaming sites like Ustream,, etc too

        yeah, i've just been looking around, and it looks like they'll be the best option. the quality of their streams seems to be pretty good too. the ps4 reveal didn't stutter once.

      I think IGN will do live streams on youtube if not gamespot or gametrailers.

      here are some links to where the live streams will be...

      i suppose it's just a matter of checking which one has the best quality

      thanks neogaf

    No point watching any of them, I reckon. Microsoft and Nintendo have already put themselves out of contention. The only interesting thing left is whether or not Sony are going to shoot themselves in the foot like MS have. And I'm sure I'll find that out pretty easily without having to watch the conference - I'll just listen for the screams of outrage.

    not sure if this has been posted but fable 3 is free for xbox live gold members!

      My xbox says it's $49.95?? The demo is free.

        change payment to ms points


      Even if it's not good, a free game is a free game.
      Thanks for the heads up.

    Would there be a way to catch the Sony event on mobile? I'll be at work :(

      I watched the stream on Gametrailers last year, on my iPhone. Most places that stream should work on your phone as well. Pretty sure twitch has apps and it should be available through that - and ustream.

    Sony! Sony! Microsoft has lost my confidence, not getting a xbox one unless they change their policies so dont care about their 'exclusive' games.

    Oh well, at least Sony's presentation is at a reasonable time, i ain't staying up for Microsoft's, sleep is more important.

    going to be streaming apple WWDC and the Xbox E3 conference at the same time

    Will probably try to catch them all at some point. I would like to stay up for the Microsoft event (Perth Time) and I will definitely try to watch the Nintendo Direct, mainly for the 3DS games more than the Wii U. I'll have to be careful trying to fit these in around my school schedule...

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